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Can't get A32NX keybinds to work

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Hey Guys

I am a very big FSUIPC noob and just wanted to get some keybinds on my Thrustmaster Boeing TCA Throttle Quandrant to work.

Especially the SEL knob for the Autopilot (to switch between selected and managed mode(s)) but I have tried so many keybinds and none of them seem to work. Also other buttons with other binds (like set QNH to STD) don't work..

Not the A32NX specific, nor the default ones. What am I doing wrong? What do I have to do to get it working? I've tried for 2 hours and feel stupid. Thanks in advance for help!unknown.png

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What version of the A32NX are you using? They won't work for the Asobo A320, and the one you have assigned to in the pic you attached is for the FBW A320 dev version only. For the stable, you need to use A320_Neo_FCU_ALT_PULL (i.e. 'Preset: A320 Neo FCU ALT PULL'). Please see (and use)  https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/ to determine what presets are available for each aircraft. And please always state which aircraft (including vendor and version, when applicable) you are using if you need help.

Also, no parameters are needed/required if using  the MF presets.


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Sorry, I use the Fly By Wire A320 latest experimental version. But thanks to your support I got it to work with ALT and SPEED push/pull buttons, even with compund button assignment! Great! Only thing missing is the HDG push/pull button. There is no preset for this included, however I found this in your link above. https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/#/presetview/294af738-7597-43d3-8c58-b578c4eaf6d0 where do I insert this event or code line? I tried to insert that into the "events" file but it didn't work and honestly I didn't know what I am doing. After I know how to get that to work, I am totally happy.

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There should be 3 presets for the FBW  HDG push/pull button:
    HDG_Push_Pull_Toggle#(A:AUTOPILOT HEADING SLOT INDEX, Number) 1 == if{ (>K:A32NX.FCU_HDG_PUSH) } els{ (>K:A32NX.FCU_HDG_PULL) }
They should all be included in the events.txt file that comes with the latest version of FSUIPC7, and so assignable in the controls drop down menu.
If they don't work, then they are either broken or not applicable to the version (experimental) of the FBW A32NX that you are using. Either way, I can't help with this and you should ask about this on the MF support/discord channel.


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@Brokenbroccoli If you are looking for an easy method of binding functions to joysticks for the FBW A32NX can I suggest you take a look at the latest LINDA module v1.0.3 for that aircraft. Most buttons, switches and knobs are now implemented. It requires LINDA 4.1.4 and FSUIPC7 7.3.2.


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