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TIST Causing pink textures at other airports


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Hi there,


Tonight after reinstalling all of my addons I discovered that some of my airports had pink textures all over the ground. Having now removed them one by one I have discovered that it is TIST that is causing it. With this airport removed the pink ground disappears and goes back to normal. I've tried redownloading the airport but the problem persists. I bought TIST from Aerosoft if that helps. See screenshot taken at MK Studios BIKF below for an example of the pink ground.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you 🙂



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Just as an added note. I also have OMDB and that is causing pink textures in other airports as well however this time in LFBD by France VFR. Removing OMDB restores my other scenery to there original working state. 

I would also like to add that both TIST and OMDB do not have pink textures themselves, they just seem to affect other sceneries.

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I have a feeling that the versions available for download on Aerosoft are wildly out of date then. The version that downloads on there is 1.01. 


Same goes for OMDB and a couple of your other airports. They are all version 1.0

1 (1).jpg

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Ok I can now confirm that TIST is at 1.5 so thank you.

However can you check the versions of these as well against your current version and tell me if they are up to date please?

These are what I have on Aerosoft's download page

KRDU 1.01

EDDS 1.2

OMDB 1.1

KLAX 1.0


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