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Dear Folks,

Probably I mentioned it earlier so it's not really a secret anymore; all airports we release to various platforms are going to be available for Tower! Simulator 3, some will be included in the release, some will be available as a payware add-on and some... (let's talk about this option in a later blog, but I can promise, you will like it 🙂 ). 

So the next airport I would like to confirm to be included in the game will be KLGA 2023. This airport is based on the plans of the new KLGA airport. We can't confirm if it's 100% accurate as we used the publicly available plans, but it still look like a fun airport to control. 

The screenshots are work in progress images with obvious errors, so please disregard them for now. 





Thank you



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Interesting view with the properties (props)
Will there by any control and / or customisation options?

I have recently had to (been forced to) install Steam to use another program
However, this has a vast Workshop which has allowed complete customisation

Unless I have overlooked this, will this be included?
I appreciate this may lower revenue for some of the current providers
However if integrated with Steam and Workshop, it would vastly improve the customisation, beyond just the airport itself

As an example -
Airports could then have branded vehicles which would be more relevant
... and that is probably just for starters!

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@FeelThere_Vic You said "all airports we release to various platforms are going to be available for Tower! Simulator 3". So, I was wondering ...

Out of the box will MSFS and/or X-Plane custom airports be T!S3 compatible?

Or do T!S3 airports have their own unique format/design but you are able to leverage existing objects and convert "easily" to T!S3?

Or do T!S3 airports require a complete build from scratch effort?


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Hi Craig,


Unfortunately the last option. We need to export the models from scratch into Tower (in addition we also have to build the terrain and ground for Tower too. We use real world elevation and placement data now, so it's a much bigger job than it was for T!3D Pro. ).

Here is the workflow:
-we have a model and texture for the "base" airport
-for MSFS we convert the texture to MSFS's own setup and one team is working on exporting for MSFS
-For Tower we convert the textures for Tower and an artist builds the ground (runways, etc). Once it's done we use our tools (all in house (non-commercial) tools will be released for the SDK) to get elevation map, road maps and place the buildings. Then we create textures for terrain (as far as I know we will also supply all textures we create, but I'm not 100% as I'm not sure about their licensing. However I'm 100% sure we would release everything that we hold the copyright to) place the models, assign gates (it's much easier this time as you would move the gate visually and it will automatically connect it to the taxiways). 

So to make the long story short; we use the very same 3D models but the export is totally different, there is zero compatibility between them. I hope I answered everything, if not, let me know 🙂 


Thank you





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I figured that a high % of systems in the new version would take more time to develop, but looks like it will be worth the wait (and effort on the team's part).

Thanks for the clarity Vic, looking forward to the June update.

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That's exciting news! Tower! Simulator 3 sounds like a great game. I've always been interested in air traffic control simulations. The fact that the airports are going to be based on real-life plans is even more intriguing. I can't wait to try out KLGA 2023 and see how it compares to the real thing. Do you know if there will be any opportunities to earn rewards or prizes in the game? I'm always on the lookout for the best games to win real money.

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