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New payware aircraft suppressing each other's LVars


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Mr Dowson,

I am having a strange issue on MSFS, or maybe on FSUIPC these days . I have FBW A320, LSH Maddog MD82, PMDG's B737 and JustFlight's BAE 146.

I have an application which extracts data from FSUIPC via FSUIPCclient.dll. The problem is, these aircraft suppress each other's LVARs. For example, when I start with FBW A320, everything works fine, then I change the aircraft and select another one, say it is MD82, the application can not find MD 82's parkbrake LVAR, seatbelt LVAR etc.

You disable other aircraft by using MSFS Addon Linker (another application), start the MSFS, start MD82, this time everything works fine.

You enable FBW A320, start MSFS with FBW, this time FBW's parking brake LVAR can not be found. MD82 works fine.

When an aircraft works fine, the others don't. If you disable all others and enable only the one you will fly, it's ok. What might be the problem sir?

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This is a problem with MSFS. The FSUIPC WASM module just scans for lvars whenever a new aircraft is loaded, and reports what it finds back to FSUIPC7. It sems the MSFS returns many lvars used in both previously used aircraft and for aircraft sitting in your Community folder that have not been used. This can create issues as currently only a maximum of 2044 lvars are returned from the WASM to FSUIPC7, and so if you have an aircraft such as the FBW A320 installed in your folder, many of the lvars will be for this aircraft, reducing the number available (or returned) for the current aircraft.

Note that when the WASM scans for lvars, there is no way for it to know if the lvars are for the previously loaded aircraft or an aircraft just installed in your Community folder - as far as the WASM and FSUIPC7 are concerned, they are the lvars that are currently available.

Due to this, it is recommended to clear your Community folder of all aircraft before starting MSFS and just leave the one that you want ti use for that session, and most people use the MSFS add-on linker for this.

There is not much I can do about these extraneous lvars - this needs to be addressed by MSFS / Adobo.

I could increase the number of lvars passed back from the WASM to FSUIPC7, but the current limit (2044) should really be enough. I may consider increasing this (to 3066) in a future update, but it will take me a while before I have time for this.

This has been reported before:


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