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WideFS, SB and FS9

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Hi I am using FS9 and have 2 computers networked. I have WideFS setup and would like to know if anyone knows how to run SB and SBrelay on one pc and FS9 on the other. I have everything setup just can't figure out how to get FS9 to connect to SBrelay running on the other pc. Thanks for the help.

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I run that setup with great success so hopefully I can answer your question.

Let's define the PCs first.

PC1 is the one directly connected to the internet

PC2 has no DIRECT Internet connection

PC1 runs SB, RW, WideFS client and any other add-on FS programs such as weather programs.

PC2 runs FS including the Widefs server DLL in the modules folder and it also runs SBRelay.

I have ICS running so that I can host MP sessions on PC2 but I don't think you need it for running Sb and connecting to Vatsim. try it without and if it doesn't work install ICS (unless you use a router).

Connect PC1 to the internet

Start FS on PC2 but do not start a MP session, and start Wideclient on PC1

Start SBRelay on PC2 and wait until it has established and you see the line

'You can now connect SquawkBox 2 and FS2004 to this server'

Go to FS Multiplayer->Connect, enter your player name

Leave the IP address blank and FS should show in the Sessions window

'SBRelay - FS2004 (1ms)

Click join NOT host

On PC1 start SB, enter your player name and select TCP/IP Connection as normal, click OK.

Click 'Start Search' and again leave the IP Address blank in the 'Locate Session' window.

SB should then show 'SBRelay - SquawkBox2(1/814)' as the game to join, click 'join' and away you go.



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