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When I press record my files come up at top left it say "save as" across the bottom it says "*,fcr" this has not worked since I have purchased it, i have not recorded anything so I don't know it want me to save. I'm flying PMDG 737, also tried with Fenix A320. 

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Hi ,


this is the right behaviour when you keep unchecked the FCR Option "Choose Default File PAth for recorded flight". If you want start automatically (with a default name of the recorded file) after the press of record button please Check this option and choose defualt path 😉

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Hey Fabio. I think the problem is deeper than that. My sim is p3dv5.3 hf2.. and after installing FCR, it manages to get 1 or 2 recordings at max.... after than that I cannot find any .fcr files anywhere on my computer.. whether you choose "default path" option or not.


Somehow I do manage to get a very few fcr files out of my first recordings and that`s it! It doesn`t produce any fcr files any more...


and I always launch FCR with administer rights...

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Oh silly me!

I "fixed" the .fcr file problem on my system. What I did was to leave the "start recording automatically if you fly" option ON and then take an aircraft for a spin meaning that I wasn`t even climbing above the altitude set in the options for that automatic recording.

Let`s say you have checked the automatic recording option for "below 7000" and then run your sim, press record, take off, climb 500 feets than exit the program and check whether the FCR recorded the flight. IT WONT! That selection you made in the settings requires you to climb above that specific altitude and then go below it irregardless of the altitude you press "record" at. It will start recording as soon as you go below 7000 for this case.

If you leave that option "unchecked" you can literally record any portion of any flight with a single press of the record button!

Hope this helps!

Note: However rendering still NOT WORKING for P3DV5.


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