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Weird Mouse when using FSUIPC 6

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I've just re-installed everything on my PC, so a nice new fresh install of windows, P3D v5.3 and latest fsuipc 6.1.9 64bit

Everything works but a weird issue with my left mouse button. If I run P3D, minimize my screen to go back to my desktop, anything I click on is instantly delete with a single left click.

If I exit P3D, things go back to normal

So, I ran P3D again, disabled FSUIPC Addon, restarted P3D, loaded a flight, minimized, my screen, click on a Icon on my desktop, and no issues.

I restarted my PC, ran P3D again, enabled FSUIPC Closed P3D, Restarted PC, Restart P3D, Check that FSUIPC was still enabled, loaded a flight, minimized to desktop again, and clicked an Icon..... DELETED

Never have I seen this issue before...

I installed all my other addons, and no issues. I only get the delete issue when FSUIPC is added on.. Any help please?

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This does sound very strange...and I can't see how FSUIPC can have anything to do with this as it does not delete anything and does nothing with mouse clicks, unless recoding a mouse macro.
I will test this later, but could you show me your FSUIPC6.ini file as well as an FSUIPC6.log file generated when you experience this strange issue...


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