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What is the exact sequence of actions to use Instant Replay functionality?

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Hi Fabio et all

@Fabio, first off all, congratulations for tool.

I'm having a hard time trying to understand the exact sequence of actions I need to make in order to use the Instant Replay functionality effectively (that is, without generating a CTD in MSFS or Flight Control Replay itself).

My use case is very simple: I want to see the replay of my takeoff and landing from the done camera using the PMDG 737-700.

Acticvating Instant Replay functionality is pretty straight-forward: I just click the little arrow at the top and that is it. I can see the Instant Replay is active because the little yellow ball moves all the way to the right. So far so good.

Now, what is the exact sequence of actions to watch my takeoff? Without clicking anything first, I tried dragging the yellow ball back. It works sometimes, sometimes not (MSFS or FCR crashes). Am I doing something wrong? Should I press something before I can drag the yellow ball?

And what is the right way to resume flight after I'm done watching the replay of my takeoff? I read in the documentation that a double-click in the Stop button is the right thing to do, but it is not working for me. In my case, it seems I have to press the orange Take Control button at the top after the double clicking the Stop button.

The actions described above are what I find works most of the time for me. But the results are not consistent. Sometimes these actions work fine, sometimes not and I have all sorts of unexpected results.

I'm using the latest version (v4.5.2201.12), the correct EXE (the one in FlightControlReplayMSFS folder) and I have all the prerequisites installed.

Any help is appreciated.

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