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fsuipc5 old reg not recognised

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You attached your a file containing your registration details - I have removed this. DO NOT POST YOUR KEY DETAILS!!!! Doing this invalidates your license.
You also attached the installation executable for some reason - I have also removed that.

You can just copy across your FSUIPC5.key file from your old computer to your new computer. If you don't have it, entering the details (copy and paste) should work...
If not, and it is a new pc, this can be due to not having the correct VC++ redistributables installed. Download and install the latest combined redistributable package from microsoft (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-US/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-170) - best to uninstall any of the individual 2015, 2017, 2019 or 2022 packages you currently have installed before installing the combined one. You should do this even if you have your old FSUIPC5.key file as FSUIPC will not function correctly without the correct VC++ packages installed.


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thanks for your reply John,

I apologise for attaching the Key file, I did so because the copy of fsuipc5 I have installed did not recognise my key file. I have not used FSUIPC 5 for a long time, and have only re visited my copy of P3d v4.5 when I upgraded my PC to use higher settings in MSFS2020 which I have been using since it came out in 2020 with FSUIPC 7. I do not have FSUIPC 5 installed on my old pc anymore. although when I bought FSUIPC 7 I kept version 5 key file. I copied the Key file into the same folder as the .ini file, when I run the installer and ask it to check for existing registrations it returns an error 16, it also errors if I select enter a new key and enter my old registration key. sorry to be a pain but I would like to fly some of my old aircraft in P3D again.

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The key file you previously attached was not a valid FSUIPC5.key file (I seem to remember(, and error 16 is 'No FSUIPC entry to check'. Please check and attach your InstallFSUIPC5.log file. You can also compare the format of your FSUIPC5.key file against your FSUIPC7.key file as they are the same.

On 6/28/2022 at 3:37 AM, frugalmanatee80 said:

t also errors if I select enter a new key and enter my old registration key

What error do you get? What does it say in the installation log file? Did you check/update your VC++ redistributables as advised?
Any further issues, please let me know your FSUIPC5 order number (or the email address used for the license) and show me your InstallFSUIPC5.log file.



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