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Save to MP4 Error

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Hello - My recording and playback is fine however when I try to output to MP4 I get an error.  I made a folder on my desktop for my files I can save and load and playback flight files but can’t save MP4 files to the folder. When I save a MP4 file it puts a MP4 file in the folder but has no information and 0 bytes.

Please advise what my problem is -  Here’s the error I receive when I try to output to mp4. I checked the permissions on the folder and they allow full access.
Thanks Mike



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Thanks for the reply -  I installed the xfw264 codex as suggested. it now outputs a very short MP4 file less than 1 mg

But Now I get a x264vfw Log Error saying

Few frames probable would be lost. Ways to fix:

Use Virtual Dub on its fork , , , , ,

You can enable Fille output mode

You can enable Zero Latency option

I'm a 30 year Mac user so I have no idea what this means or how to remedy it - please help I have a great Video project to complete and I want to use your software.

Thanks Mike


PS please increase your image file size 20 kb is too small to read - Thanks

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Hello - I wanted to showcase your replay software on an important project  however I'm running out of time.

Regretfully if I cannot get any help on the vendors technical forum I have no other alternative then to ask for a refund.


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Hi Fabio!

Could you kindly, please help. I'm using FlightControl Replay v5.0.2304.1 with MSFS SU13 on WIN10 Pro, and it works great!
But when I try to save as a .mp4 video file I receive the following error:    (please note x264vfw is installed)

x264vfw [warning]: Few frames probably would be lost. Ways to fix this:
x264vfw [warning]:  - if you use VirtualDub or its fork than you can enable 'VirtualDub Hack' option
x264vfw [warning]:  - you can enable 'File' output mode
x264vfw [warning]:  - you can enable 'Zero Latency' option

Many thanks for your help!




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