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Is there a way to make sure a Lua script is not interrupted?

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I'm super rusty and I don't seem to remember if there's a way to do what I mention in the title. I need my script (it's tied to an axis range) to complete execution, but sometimes it doesn't, I suspect it's because another input is detected for the axis, but I'm not sure because the log doesn't print the lines I have at the beginning of the script after the interruption of the previous execution. Is there a way to get a "lock" or something like that? Thanks

Using FSX and FSUPIC4 v4.977, I believe it's the latest one 

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If you are starting the script when entering (or leaving) an axis range, it will only be sent once, assuming its not on repeat. If its being sent a second time then the range is left and then entered again. Logging the axis controls would show you this. Restarting a script would automatically kill the first thread. It is strange thar the log lines aren't showing - have you tried running with LuaDebug?

You could also try increasing the LuaRerunDelay parameter - see the Advanced User guide for details.

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Thanks, John. Turns out I had an ipc.exit() somewhere that was responsible for the thread interruption. The range wasn't being entered again before the thread completed running The LuaRerunDelay parameter could be useful for some other application, good to know. I don't think i'll need it this time around. The script is working fine already.

I really need to re-read the advanced guide again. It's been a while. 
Muchas gracias de nuevo 😃

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