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Elevator/Aileron Flikering with FSUIPC calibration

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Hello Simmers, 


I'm having some issues with the calibration of the ACE Yokes with FSUIPC.

I'm using P3D, FSUIPC (registered version), Prosim 737. 

First I have calibrate the Yoke in windows 10 and after that I have strat the calibration in FSUIPC. Everything looks good during the calibration. 


I not indicate any function to the Yoke in the P3D and neither in the Prosim (beside the yoke buttons). 


But then in the P3D when I move the yoke the flight surfaces fliker. I made a video. Anyone add this issue before? 


Kind regards,

Diogo Santos


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Check that you have controllers disabled in P3D - if you don't, P3D has a tendency to automatically assign your controllers.
If controllers are disabled, it may be due to aircraft - some complex aircraft don't play well with FSUIPC calibration due to priority levels of the events. If this is the case, assign using 'Send to FS as normal axis' rather than 'direct to FSUIPC Calibration' and don't calibrate (i.e. remove/delete the current calibration settings). 

With the latest version if ProSim, it may be better to assign directly in ProSim rather than in FSUIPC.

BTW, you posted in the FAQ sub-forum where it explicitly states NOT for support requests. I have moved your post to the main support forum.


Edited by John Dowson
Moved to main support forum
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