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Just Flight Hawk MSFS Throttle Issue


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I was wondering if someone was successful in using FSUIPC to assign and calibrate the Hawk's throttle axis with? 

My decades of experience in using FSUIPC seem to be insufficient to get this to work. The issue is this: I assign the throttle axis through FSUIPC, and as soon as I apply any kind of calibration, the throttle movement range will only ever work between around 50% and 100% power. No matter how I calibrate my axis, the lever in the simulated aircraft will never move back to idle.

I tried to send this as normal axis to MSFS or use direct mode for FSUIPC calibration, I tried all different axis assignment options (Throttle axis, throttle 1 axis), the problem always remains the same. Calibration is perfectly fine in FSUIPC, but the lever movement jumps to around 50% and then moves between 50% and 100%. The other half of my axis (that is obviously confirmed working fine in FSUIPC) is ignored by the aircraft.

I do suspect an issue with the Just Flight software, because the throttle axis works perfectly fine in other aircraft, and other axes in the Hawk, such as elevator and aileron, also work perfectly fine.

If anyone was successful in calibrating the Hawk's throttle in MSFS through FSUIPC, I would be very interested to know which settings were used. I think I tried them all, but one can never say 🙂 
I did open a support ticket with Just Flight, unfortunately almost a week later I still got no reply. So my last hope is that some FSUIPC genius might have they key for this one. Any help would be highly appreicated!


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a late thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I'm no step closer to solving this issue.

The first topic you linked mentioned the assignment "Axis_throttle_set_Ext" to have worked. However, this assignment cannot be calibrated through FSUIPC, can you confirm this? So it's not usable on my system as I need to calibrate the axis (to reverse it and set custom start and end values).

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14 hours ago, mburkhard said:

So it's not usable on my system as I need to calibrate the axis (to reverse it and set custom start and end values).

The *_EXT (and *_EXT1) controls cannot be calibrated, but they can be scaled (and reversed). See the section Additional parameters to scale input axis values on page 41 of the Advanced User guide. However you cannot set custom start/end values, only scale, but you should be able to scale to get something useable if not perfect...


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