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Uneven throttle movment


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I recently configured my FSUIPC7 for my bravo throttle but I'm running into an issue.

When I advance throttle 1 (engine 1), it "jumps to about 25%.  In the second picture, I have both throttle 1 and 2 on the bravo in the same physical spot/location, but as you can see, engine 1 is advanced much further then engine 2.

Just a note, in FSUIPC, I have throttle 1 linked to both engines 1 & 3 while throttle 2 is linked to engines 3 & 4.  I want throttle 1 (engines 1 & 3) to behave like throttle 2 (engines 2 & 4).


Throttle 1.jpg

Throttle 2.jpg


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When using two throttle axis to control four engines, it is more standard to assign one axis to Throttle1 and the second to Throttle2, and then calibrate for Throttle1 and Throttle2 and map the Throttle3/Throttle4 calibration using the map checkboxes (and not calibrate throttle3 or throttle4).

Having said that, you should be able to use one axis for throttles 1 and 3, and the other for 2 and 4, so I am not sure why this is not working. Are you using the Asobo 747? If do, I can check this...


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Can you also activate logging for Events and Axis controls, and produce a short log where you load your aircraft and then move throttle 1 to full power anf then throttle 2. Then exit FSUIPC7 and show me your FSUIPC7.log file - you can zip/compress it if too large to attach.


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I have just checked assigning and calibrating as you do for the 747 and it works as expected here. I am therefore wondering if the following button assignments could be interfering:


1=RB,8,C65966,0     -{THROTTLE1_DECR}-
2=UB,8,C65967,0     -{THROTTLE1_CUT}-
3=RB,9,C65971,0     -{THROTTLE2_DECR}-
4=UB,9,C65972,0     -{THROTTLE2_CUT}-

5=RB,8,C65966,0     -{THROTTLE3_DECR}-
6=UB,8,C65967,0     -{THROTTLE3_CUT}-
7=RB,9,C65971,0     -{THROTTLE4_DECR}-
8=UB,9,C65972,0     -{THROTTLE4_CUT}-


Check your log (when Events logging activated, and maybe also Buttons & Keys) and see if button 9 is beunf detected as pressed and so sending decrease controls.

Maybe also check the calibration of those axis in the Windows fame controllers panel to check they are the same there.

Other than that, please show me your FSUIPC7.log as previously requested.

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