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KSEA Custom Schedule for Tower!3D Pro with Real Traffic v1.0


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Hello all,

I'm very happy to announce my first ever custom schedule! This schedule is based off of flightradar24's history of August 20th, 2022 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. A massive thanks to @rxangus for the program that made the original schedule file, which I edited to include regional airlines and to fix small bugs.

There may be some white airplanes if you don't have the proper Real Color files. The only one I've noticed is Alaska's 737 Max 9, which requires KSFO's Real Color Pack.


1. Download the files here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RMuno8UEMTsLgBSVyrOch7JWNaeHRfAT/view?usp=sharing

2. Choose a time that you want to play, and select one of the snippets from the time you chose.

3. If you haven't already, back-up your Real Traffic files.

4. Copy and overwrite all files in the snippet into the KSEA folder. The folder should be located in one of these two places:   

Program Files/Games directory\(Feelthere\)Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\KSEA
Program Files/Games directory\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\KSEA

5. Load up the game, select your desired starting time and have fun!

Realistic Operation:

This is not required, but if you want to have a realistic session, read this. It applies to times where traffic is moderate/heavy. I'm not too sure about the late night/morning flow.  

1. Use runway 16L for takeoff. Use runway 16R for landing non-heavies and 16L for heavy aircraft. Don't use runway 16C except for taxiing and GA takeoffs.

2. Taxiway A does not exist in real life (to my knowledge) below L1.

3. Use B for traffic to taxi north (except at P and below). This means, for the most part, no traffic should taxi southbound on B, so if a plane parking in the south terminal exits at N, bring them down T or runway 16C to P or Q to cross runway 16L.

4. Only use Q for aircraft parked in the southern terminal. 

4. Operate the northern terminal in a clockwise flow. This means arriving aircraft should go on L1 and departing should push back so they can go via L4. I suggest using EliGrim's tower3d.rec mod (https://eligrim.de/) so you can tell the aircraft "CALLSIGN, pushback approved, expect runway 16L via L4" so they push back the right direction.

5. Operate the southern terminal in a counter-clockwise flow. 

And that should be everything! If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback (positive or negative), please reach out to me here or on Discord (whyevenbothernaming#2963). Thank you!


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  • whyevenbothernaming changed the title to KSEA Custom Schedule for Tower!3D Pro with Real Traffic v1.0
14 hours ago, DeltaVII said:

Right at this moment, planes are landing on 16C.

Due to the proximity of 16C to 16L, 16C really can't be used for arrivals in normal/heavy or simultaneous operations. However, during lesser traffic it can obviously be used to lessen the taxi time from 16R.

21 hours ago, whyevenbothernaming said:

Don't use runway 16C except for taxiing.

Looking at 13:00 local time on Saturday (see totals below), 16C was only used twice - both GA departures. 16L was used for 3 arrivals, all heavies. Although not all heavies, as a couple (including a dreamliner) used 16R. 

                    16L     16C     16R
Arrivals          3         0         24  
Departures   30        2           0

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