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FSUIPC beta - breaks CRJ integration


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The FSUIPC beta - breaks my previously working MCP with Aerosoft CRJ. I have confirmed this by rolling back to previous version of

The way I communicate/control the MCP in the CRJ is via CRJ LVARS and I have these mapped to free offsets in the FSUIPC7.ini file. Then I read/write these offsets. Everything works perfectly and I have been flying my CRJ for past year with no issue. I upgraded to FSUIPC beta so I can fly the PMDG 737 with my MCP. I finished the 737 MCP interface and it works with this beta but using this beta for my CRJ MCP integration doesn't work anymore. Specifically, any of the mapped offsets (to LVARs) in the ini file stopped working, I still can read/write the L/R course but I am using standard offsets for it.

What changed????


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7.3.8 was released yesterday and is no longer in beta. There have been many changes/releases since v7.2.12 - check the FSUIPC History document for a list of changes.
However, there should be no changes that break your configuration, but check the history document to see if there have been any changes to facilities that you are using - there have been quite a few changes to key assignments using modifiers, for example.

Can you generate a log file showing your issue, with logging for Events and Buttons & Keys activated, then show me your FSUIPC6.log and FSUIPC7.ini files.


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Good afternoon John,

First of all it is great to see so actively involved when we the consumers have questions, thank you for that.  I have never really had a problem like this one I am encountering and the worst part is that I am not really at all tech savvy.  He goes, Up until 2 days ago I had no issues with any of my programs communicating with MSFS2020 e.g. FSACARS and LUVCARS, with FSUIPC they would communicate freely without henderance.  Today I wanted to do a flight after updating FSUIPC7 to version 7.3.8 and all of a sudden nothing worked anymore, I was going to do a SWA flight and the LUVCARS would not connect I got an error FSUIPC failed to connect, and unfortunately, I do not understand enough technical language to say troubleshoot the issues, I can do some basic but not advanced troubleshooting.

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Well, to show my somewhat limited knowledge, someone suggested manually starting FSUIPC, which I thought I was doing when double clicking the icon, but he said go to the FSUIPC folder and double click on the .exe file and sure enough that did it.  But, it still does not explain why it is not automatically starting.

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