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Presets Not Working in MSFS 2020 with FSUIPC 7.3.7


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I am running the PMDG 737-700 v3.0.39 for MSFS 2020 and a Saitek X52 HOTAS. 

None of the PMDG presets are being recognized in the virtual cockpit.

Here are the steps that I have taken:

  • Installed FSUIPC7 at c:\FSUIPC
  • Confirmed FSUIPC is auto loading when launching MSFS 2020.
  • Confirmed WASM is active.
  • Execute Calculator Code option in the Add-ons -> WASM menu is grayed out. 
    • Based on other posts, it seems that this function should be available.
  • Emailed FSUIPC7.log (too big to upload) to jldowson@gmail.com.
    • Includes "Buttons & Keys" and "Events" enabled in the Log menu.
  • Emailed screen shot of "Button & Switch Assignments" input form (too big to upload).
  • Attached is my FSUIPC7.ini file.
  • Downloaded latest presets from Hubhop by Mobiflight
  • Changed name of Mobiflight download file to myevents.txt
    • Renamed events.txt to events.old in c:\FSUIPC
    • Copied myevents.txt to c:\FSUIPC
  • Confirmed there are no active assignments to joystick button 13 in MSFS 2020.
  • Assigned PMDG 737-700 Taxi Lights ON preset to button 13 in FSUIPC.
    • Applied various parameters 0, 1, 2.

Result:  no recognition of Taxi Lights (e.g. no switch movement) in virtual cockpit.

Please let me know if you require anything else.

Thank You.





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Only the latest version of each FSUIPC version is supported (apart from betas) - please update to 7.3.8 or 7.3.9c.
If you update to v7.3.8, also manually add the following to your FSUIPC7.ini:


You should also update your profiles to use substring matching, e.g. change this

[Profile.PMDG 737-700]
1=PMDG 737-700 Southwest Airlines (N268WN | 2021 | Heart)
2=PMDG 737-700 United Airlines (N27734 | 2019 | EvoBlu)

to this:

[Profile.PMDG 737-700]
1=PMDG 737-700


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