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MSFS - a simple script to change utc, fuel, battery, payload while on ground?


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Hey there,
I am looking for a very simple, maybe script-base addon or external panel for MSFS that allows changing UTC and a couple of other data during an active flight.

We know from 3rd party tools that via simconnect changing time / day and teleporting the aircraft is possible.
I would like to reset and quickly setup a few things while on ground, including payload, fuel, battery, external power, UTC without having to go to menue or back to the loading screen of msfs.

any ideas? Recommendations?
I'd write a script myself if someone told me the language of simconnect / fsuipc.


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You could use lua. If the values you want to change are held in simvars that are writeable, then check if the simvar is already held in an offset and if so you can just write/update the offset value using the lua library. If the simvar isn't writeable, then there is most probablt an event you can use instead, which you can also send using lua ipc.control, e.g. for changing the time you probably need to use the Zulu Hours/Minutes/Day/Year Set control.

See the Offset status document to see what simvars are held in what offset, and whether writeable or not. You can also check the MSFS/Asobo documentation on available simvars and events, and there is a file called Controls List for MSFS Build 999.txt which also lists available events/controls. For lua, check the FSUIPC Lua Library.pdf document, and maybe the FSUIPC Lua Plug-Ins.pdf and the provided examples (in Example LUA plugins.zip).


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