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VRInsight Instrument Radio Stack only works when in instrument view


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I have a problem. I will try to be brief.
I bought the "VRInsight" Instrument Radio Stack (hereinafter VRI) from Aerosoft. I have purchased FSUIPC7, PMDG 737 and of course MSFS 2020 from Microsoft store.
The VRI only works when I press "ctrl+4", and it only works when I change the frequency with the mouse in the first place. Then while I keep the radio panel display VRI works perfectly but if I go back to pilot view it doesn't work anymore. Does anyone understand what could be going on? I'm going crazy. When one is clumsy with computers like me, he hopes that when paying there will be no problems of this type. Please, if anyone has experienced something similar, let me know.
 My computer is new, it has an i7 12900; NVIDIA GTX 3070Ti, and the like. It is up to date and everything is legal.
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"ctrl+4" default assignment is to Toggle Instrument View 4. So it sounds like its only functioning when the radio panel is displayed, as well as having to trigger it with the mouse.
I don't see how FSUIPC can be involved - but how are you using FSUIPC? Can you show me your FSUIPC7.ini file and an FSUIPC7.log file and I will take a look.
I can then maybe suggest some logging to see if that sheds any light on the issue.


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I really appreciate the response, John. I'm not saying that FSUIPC is responsible, I'm just going crazy and since the device worked correctly with P3D, and with MSFS it only works through FSUIPC7 (as far as I know), I asked in this forum if you had a problem like before. I will try to send you the file you tell me.
 I repeat: thank you very much, and I apologize if my message could have been misunderstood. Cheers!!


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  • John Dowson changed the title to VRInsight Instrument Radio Stack only works when in instrument view

I know that you weren't blaming FSUIPC. Looking at the file you posted, 2 things stand out:

1. You are using an old unsupported version of FSUIPC - 7.3.3. The latest and only supported version is 7.3.8 (as well as the 7.3.9 beta available in the announcements sub-forum). Please updated to a supported version,

2. Your FSUIPC7.ini file shows that you are not using FSUIPC7 for anything at the moment - you have no assignments and your VRI instrument radio stack is not even detected.

So as FSUIPC7 is not involved at all, I cannot really help. I suggest you try support from VRI or Aerosoft for this issue.

I have updated the title of your post so that it may attract other users of this hardware who may be able to assist.


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