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Fenix A320 Bind switch to key


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Hello all.

Is it possible to map the Fenix A320 runway turnoff switch to a keyboard toggle input?  It is not in the MSFS control list.
I believe MSFS still has some SDK limitations, so I am just enquiring.  If it is an SDK limitation would this be possible in the future?



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First, you posted in the FAQ sub-forum where it explicitly states NOT for support requests. Please take care to post in the correct forum for your issue.

I don't have the Fenix so it is difficult to advise, but first check to see if there are any controls logged when you do this in the VC - activate logging for Events, open the FSUIPC logging console window and flip the switch to see if anything is logged, and if so you can try assigning to that.
If nothing is logged, you can try listing the available lvars to see if any of them look appropriate, and if so see if the value of the lvar changes when you flip the switch. If so, you can try manually changing the lvar value to see if that has the same effect, and if so then you can assign to use that lvar either by adding to an FSUIPC offset, using a macro or defining a preset.


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