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Bravo throttle quadrant configuration on FSUIPC.

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FSUIPC can not reverse throttle with the resources available into the software. I check every single information out there but nothing work. Throttle, pitch control and mixture can not be reversed on Bravo quadrant, neither the brakes. The remaining configuration work perfectly. Someone suggested to type ",*-1" after the axis in the .ini file but has no effect. I was sure to delete .ini and log so the information is fresh, I removed all USB  controllers and drivers for the remaining controllers and devices so I avoid any potential conflicts, I reinstall the latest version from Peter and John Dowson but nothing change at all. I confirm the malfunction  in several planes and the situation remain. I tried "axis throttle 1 set" and the other options but the problem still. I run out of ideas. Thanks in advance.

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6 minutes ago, Laloflyer said:

Someone suggested to type ",*-1" after the axis in the .ini file but has no effect.

This always works. BUT, it depend when you add this - if you do this with FSUIPC running, it will not be picked-up and will be overwritten when you exit or open an assignments panel.

If you are configuring axes with 'Direct to FSUIPC Calibration' then you should reverse in the calibration panels. If not, add the ',*-1' to the axis assignment line.

Any further issues, please attach your FSUIPC ini and log files. Would also be helpful if you had specified which version of FSUIPC and which FS you are using....


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