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Problem writing negative values to LVar


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I am trying to write negative LVar to the S_FCU_VERTICAL_SPEED. This is the LVar for one of the autopilot knobs in the Fenix A320. When the knob is pushed in the variable is decreased by one, if the knob is pulled it is increased by one.

By writing to the variable, I can replicate the knob push/pull behavior as long as the variable is >= 0. But it seems I’m unable to write negative numbers. Nothing happens, the variable does not get updated, keeps the old value.

Tried in code via using FSLVar.SetValue(x), but also via WASMClient. Testet last versions FSUIPC (7.3.11) / WAPIID dll (0.9.0) / fsuipcClient.dll (3.2.21). WASMClient from current package (FSUIPC WASM Module 0.9.0 + WAPI 0.9.0)

Is there a bug somewhere, a limitation by design, or user error by me? 


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The problem is in the WASM - it will be corrected in the next release. In the mean time, you can use the attached - use these to replace the files in your Community\fsuipc-lvar-module and your Community\fsuipc-lvar-module\modules folders. The WASM version number is the same - I will update this when released.




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