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Lvar mapping to custom offset that gets added later - not working ...


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This case is for the PMDG 737. They have an lvar (switch_343_73X-spd brk armed status) which is invisible (ie. at least through the Behavior debug Window/Local Variables in MSFS) until the function is triggered and its value is changed and that's when the offset appears visible in the Behavior debug window. I have mapped this offset in my FSUIPC7.ini file as:


After the offset became visible, I tried to used "Wasm->reload " and it does reload the lvars because the status message says it loaded 1925 lvars (from the previous number of 1923) and also appears in the FSUIPC window when after I ran Wasm->List lvars and has the correct value. 

Either way, when I try to read/write my offset, nothing happens (reads return 0. writes do nothing). Offset is writable as I verified through the debug window in MSFS.


Since this offset is added later at the stage, is this why it is not working.


I know the purpose of the Wasm->reload option and let me give you feedback on it when working with pmdg 737: It almost never works. I am always forced to reload the sim when I make changes to my ini file. Not sure if that's FSUIPC or PMDG or MSFS.

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