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MkRwy have an issue with the latest (Canada) WU (illegal char in XML)

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On 10/11/2022 at 7:58 PM, pellelil said:

It appears MkRwy have an issue with the latest (Canada) WU. The XML (runways.xml) it generates for CAN9 contains an illegal char in the ICAOName field

Hi Pelle,

My MSFS is woefully out of date, from disuse for a long time. So could you please show me the relevant part of RUNWAYS.TXT and ZIP and attach the runways.xml.



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Hi Pete,

The Runways.xml can be downloaded with this link

I doubt it has anything to say with this issue, however I noted that ICAO-code in Runways.txt it shows as "CAN99", whereas in Runways.XML is shows are "CAN9". Anyway here below is the text regarding CAN99 from Runways.txt. I always use MkRwy with the />1000 argument, but this shouldn't change anything !?

As it have no runways/gates and the scanned folder-path contains "canada-pois" I am guessing that this is a POI (Point-of-Interrest) rather than an airport? Hence perhaps it shouldn't have been included at all? ... unless it's a helipad !?


Deletions check for Airport CAN99:
          Delete all taxiways!
          Delete all runways and starts!
          Delete all taxiways!
Airport CAN99 :N46:48:42.8253  W071:12:18.8498  181.20ft
          Country Name=""
          State Name=""
          City Name=""
          Airport Name="ChQ�teau Frontenac"

          in file: Official\OneStore\microsoft-canada-point-of-interest\scenery\Microsoft\canada-pois\branch1.bgl

          FSM A/P CAN9, lat=46.811905, long=-71.205238, alt=181.20


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