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FlightControlReplay v5 [Released]

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FlightControlReplay v5 Released for MSFS and P3D5

I am proud to present the new generation of FlightControlReplay, version 5, for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D 5.x.

Have fun, and share videos with your community with a complete tool featuring advanced, innovative and handy features.



The new software is exclusively available at SIMMARKET.com , at EUR 20.00 (+tax for EU Customers).

For any registered customer of the previous version, the reduced upgrade price is EUR 8.25 (+tax for EU Customers).

If you recently ordered the previous version, on or before August 01st, the upgrade price is EUR 5.00 (+tax for EU Customers).



Totally revamped, FlightControlReplay has now a modern design, reorganized layout and icons, and it’s also integrated directly into MSFS toolbar.

Customize the User Interface : 3 different sizes available, transparency mode has been added, Always-on-Top option can be activated.

Do you want more features directly accessible ?

Do you prefer the minimum space on your screen ?

Do you need it always visible but with minimum impact ?

Find the best combination for your personal use, FlightControlReplay 5 also supports VR headsets, and multi-monitors setups.



Keep control of your tool directly from MSFS without leaving the simulator window. FlightControlReplay 5 is also displayed in MSFS and added to the simulator toolbar. Record, Play, fly with a Ghost, move the timeslider directly in MSFS.



Fly LIVE with an AI GHOST right beside your plane. And it will not just replicate your current flight path, it will be impacted by the winds and speeds alteration. Flying Formation has never been that easy ever. The AI Pilot will follow you in the position and with the distance of your preference.

Cinematic Replay automatically switches the camera view when you replay your flight. It will alternate with External / Internal points of view. Options let you set a preference if you want only External, only Internal, or both automatic. Just seat back and watch your flight Replay without intervention!

Monitor your pilot skills at landing : the new Landing Report displays your vertical speed and airspeed at touchdown.

FlightControlReplay will keep included all existing features already available in the current version 4.5 :

  • MP4 Video Recorder,
  • Crash-to-desktop recovery,
  • PlayAI Formation Flying in Replay, up to 5 aircraft in each FCR instance, unlimited possibilities
  • Re-Live Instant Replay to resume a flight from any instant during Replay
  • AI Traffic detection, following, recording
  • Automatic Camera Change
  • In-Game Dynamic Text



In order to ensure the best performance, the core program has been deeply upgraded for less CPU and Memory usage. This gives more power to your Windows system and simulator to provide smooth display with faster Video encoding.



The following streamers and YouTubers have started or will shortly showcase FlightControlReplay 5 : check their respective networks: BLUGAMES, Q8PILOT, PILOT STUDD, DRAWYAH & KIWI MACE.

Watch some of them already online :





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As long as I have the MSFS toolbar installed in my community folder the simulator will 100% crash when clicking on the "Fly" button after loading in the flight.

With the folder removed the sim will not crash. Any way to produce a log for your investigation, @FabioMerlo?

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@dante11 : Replay with continuous loop is now applied by default in FlightControlReplay 5. It's not among the options anymore. Thanks for the comment.

Blu Games published a nice and detailed overview of my tool, check it out 


Helisimmer announced FCR 5 release in the Weekly Flyby news video ( 5:58 in the video)


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Sorry Don't understand this, this is what I get when I try to record to a .mp4 file:


x264vfw [warning]: Few frames probably would be lost. Ways to fix this:
x264vfw [warning]:  - if you use VirtualDub or its fork than you can enable 'VirtualDub Hack' option
x264vfw [warning]:  - you can enable 'File' output mode
x264vfw [warning]:  - you can enable 'Zero Latency' option


Need Help Please

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Updated Info
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Hi Fabio, same problem as srg, with the replay software in the community folder, when I click the yellow "Fly" button, I get an immediate crash to desktop. If I remove the software from the community folder, there's no problem. I also gave the software Network permissions.

Any Thoughts, or is there a log somewhere that might help?



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20 hours ago, captbillybob said:

Playback with the Fenix a320 has incorrect spoiler animation. Can that be fixed?

The same is true for the PMDG 737-800. I record the flight and when I then load it and play it back - spoilers are shown as deployed when they were not. This to me is a FCR 'killer' - so hope it can be remedied quickly. 

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When you load a replay you need have pmdg reset by his system (pmdg always advice to not use for example restart flight but go to main menu and after restart from here ) . When you load in a clean situation pmdg will playing in the right way . Anyway if you want send me via email your .fcr and I ll let you know 

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Hi Fabio,

How can I get to give a name to the recording? At the moment it gives a name automatically (year month day hh mm) to 6 files, but then it is difficult to see which files I want to keep and the files to delete. Because after a few recordings there are many, many files... This is confusing especially when they are done on the same day: only the time in the file name changes for files done on the same day. If I could name the files just before it starts recording, I would put a name that easily differentiates the files name, ie 'RECORD ONE'. We could also choose to either have year month day hh mm appended at the end of the file name, ie 'RECORD ONE 202211101358'...

How can I set it so that I click start, I then can enter the recording name, then it starts recording after I press a button to OK the name of the recording?

EDIT 1: Also, I found that:

Spectator view replay is NOT very smooth when Sample rate for recording/play is set to AUTOMATIC. Watch this short video:


To get a smooth Spectator view replay, I must set Sample rate for recording/play to FPS at 60 FPS, here:

Also, one of my Options settings is Automatically LOAD Replay after RECORD, but in the video below, this would not work: I had to load manually




Not due to Flight Control Replay, when the distance between the camera and the aircraft is above ~ 2 km, the aircraft disappears! Watch from 6:00 and 7:05 in the video above.

Do you know what to do to avoid aircraft disappear in this case?



The manual page 34 states:

"If the toolbar of MSFS disappears at the top of the simulator screen, this is not a bug related with
FlightControlReplay, it’s known and documented by the developers at Asobo Studio and Microsoft.
Relaunch the flight from the main menu of the simulator will not fix it. You have to close and
restart the simulator to access and display again MSFS toolbar."

This is the first time ever I lost the MSFS toolbar, after having used the CinematicR feature. ESC to re-start the flight would not fix it.

Just to try, I ended the flight and re-started a flight, without re-starting FS, and the MSFS Toolbar was back!



Flight Control Replay v5 caused the MSFS Toolbar to disappear, then caused FS to CRASH.
I really don't know what went wrong!



Kind regards,


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More things found, with useful videos to show them
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Hi Raymond ! I m happy to help you to solve your issue ! 😎 about file name you can uncheck the option related in FCR OPTION DIALOG and you ll be able to choose the name that you want when click record button 👌

For msfs toolbar if you want I m able to give you an help to solve via team viewer tomorrow !  


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Hi Fabio,

OK. I think I have Teamviewer installed on my PC but it may be old...


5 hours ago, FabioMerlo said:

uncheck the option related in FCR OPTION DIALOG

What option is this here? I can't see anything related to naming recordings in Options. Unfortunately I can't put a JPG:


So I write options I have in Options, General below!!

Choose sample rate for record/play
Start recording automatically if you fly
Choose Default File Path for recorded flight
Automatically LOAD Replay after RECORD
Automatically export flight data for GOOGLE Earth 3d and Maps Format (KMLFile)
Load Replay without load initial flight situation
Continue Live flight starting from a Replay point (MSFS only)
FlightControlReplay Always On Top Window
Enable Record/Play Multi Objects at the same time
Recovery CTD
Enable Transparency Mode
Record / Replay Mode
MSFS Toolbar Network Port

I can't see anything about naming recordings...


EDIT: video showing a few bugs I had earlier today:


Sorry, it is a long video, but it is the result of many, many hours of testing!

Flight Control Replay v5 caused the MSFS Toolbar to disappear, or some items to disappear, here the Weather.
Also, pressing STOP more than once re-start the flight. And, I also had a flight re-starting when pressing STOP only once...

I see that now I am limited to 5.96 kB. Will this mean I can no longer post?

Kind regards,


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Hi all,

Today, the developer, Fabio Merlo, helped me with the problems in my videos above. He took over my PC via Teamviewer. It is the first time I get this level of service by a developer for a Flight Sim! The only other time I had this was by the company that built my PC.

1. To get to enter manually a name to a recording, we just need to UNTICK Choose Default File Path for recorded flight. When this is ticked, FCR automatically names recordings Year Month Day Hour Minute, ie 202211111431. As this is not mentioned in the manual, I asked for it to be updated, and this will be done.

2. As for STOP re-starting the flight, it is a feature most users wanted. I am not sure why many users want this, because I am happy to re-start a flight myself...

3. The Toolbar disappearing is a bug known by Asobo. This can happen when a 3rd party addon re-starts a flight.

4. I am not sure yet why the Weather feature disappears from the Toolbar after FCR re-starts the flight.

This is great to get such a level of service by a developer!

Not due to Flight Control Replay, when replaying a flight, when the distance between the camera and the aircraft is above ~ 2 km, the aircraft disappears from view. I think it was a problem for virtual aerobatics teams, but I don't know what to change in FS to force FS to keep showing the aircraft when the distance between the camera and the aircraft is above ~ 2 km...


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I greatly enjoy the facility to replay a flight from a .kml file, but I have noticed two things:

1. The replay speed is very slow. If I go to 4x, then that's about the real world speed.

2. When doing a turn to the left of, say, 30 degrees, the plane actually turns 330 degrees to the right.


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4 hours ago, CaptCoop said:

Hi. Can I use V5 with P3D V4.5. or only V5+



Hello. No, I'm sorry but it's limited to P3D v5. It was already confirmed on the product page iin the requirements section. This area is useful when you want to check if your product in target is compatible or not with your current flight simulator version.

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