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FlightControlReplay v5 [Released]

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FlightControlReplay version 5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D 5.x is a complete tool to handle an easy and efficient Replay, to record MP4 videos, with capability of creating enhanced flightsim content with advanced and innovative features.


  • The new March23 Update expands again the list of supported advanced airliner add-ons with the addition of both the FlyByWire Simulations freeware A32NX, and Salty 747-400 freeware Mod in MSFS.
  • Refined improvements for Fenix A320, also in MSFS with 100% accuracy of spoilers, flaps, and gear animations). I also added support of all FCU, lights, APU video Recording and Replay.

About aircraft integration, we start to support the popular HPG H145 helicopter, from Version 2 Build 399.
The initial support includes the reproduction of cyclic pedals, and collective control of the H145.
In the future, there will be a complete integration of FlightControlReplay V5 with HPG products for full animations support during Replay and Video recording. Note that Live Ghost is not supported yet.

This device allows players with reduced mobility to play and control their video games. By adding customized buttons and joysticks, such people can enjoy their hobby with accurate control. For example, you can manage MSFS and FlightControlReplay V5 !
If you configure Slider move Forward or Slider move Backward feature with either Xbox Adaptive Controller, or another standard joystick, and if you keep pressed the button on the device, the slider will now move fast forward or fast backward.

Based upon users feedback, I’m also happy to introduce 2 new features in FlightControlReplay V5:
1. AUTORECORD you can activate a new option that makes the Record to start automatically whenever you start a new flight. And the recording sessions also automatically ends when you return to the main menu of Flight Simulator.
2. and a second handy feature is to set Pause to the recording at the same time when you set a pause in Flight Simulator. This way, you can still check something aside during the Live flight, and you always end with a smooth Recording session in the end without noticing that you had to use Pause.

I’ve been already in touch with Flylillo group to create the first virtual cockpit emulation for XBOX Adaptive Controller. The device of Microsoft will be combined with the HUB software manager Logitech G to help disabled persons for a better experience in flight simming hobby.
That’s a separate and new project, out of FCR scope, but we are trying to find money (with Microsoft and an Italian bank) to fund this inclusive project.

Microsoft officially supports this action, and recently communicated about it with one of their public post about Community Spotlight: Lillo and Roberto - Microsoft Flight Simulator
“Accessibility is one of the core values at Microsoft”, read more about it here :

  * PMDG 737
  * Fenix A320
  * Fly The Maddog MD-82 plus MD-83/88 expansion
  * iniBuilds A310
  * Just Flight 146 Professional
  * Aerosoft CRJ
  * Asobo Cabri G2
  * Asobo Bell 407
  * FlyByWire A32NX Freeware A320neo
  * Salty 747-400 Freeware Mod
  * HypePerformanceGroup H145 (from v2.0 build 399) : partial support, including cyclic pedals and collective. Live Ghost feature not supported yet.

Ensure to get the latest Replay refinements, performance, and the widest selection of airliner add-ons compatibility : Upgrade your current version 4.5 if your are still using it for MSFS or P3D5. 
For more accuracy, a better look, get today the new version 5 and take advantage of the reduced price specially set for you, only EUR 8,25 (+tax).

    • New User Interface (MSFS + P3D)
    • Customizable Size and Transparency (MSFS + P3D)
    • MSFS Toolbar integration and in-game controls (MSFS only)
    • Cinematic Replay with Automatic Cameras Switch (MSFS only)
    • GhostPlane : formation flying live with AI duet pilot (MSFS + P3D)
    • Next gen memory management for performance upgrade (MSFS + P3D)
    • Landing Touchdown Report (MSFS + P3D)
    • Crash-to-desktop recovery
    • Easy setup of the software
    • MSFS users : all included in 1 automatic setup
    • P3D users : the same 1 automatic setup and 2 Microsoft separate packages are required
    • FREE download of the User Manual PDF

How to update ?
Login your customer account at simMarket, and download the new build ! This is a full and updated installer.

New customer and curious ?
I invite you to watch my Official Trailers in 4K !

Or download for free the complete User Manual PDF.

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Hello, After the latest update I am no longer able to replay the recorded file. After loading the file (recorded using the latest version) moving the slider to the left and tried to play but nothing except the yoke in flight were moving! but the plane remained still. Please advise ASAP. Thanks. As I only used the basic function for replay and really hopefully there no need to re-learn with each updates please! 


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Hi !


Now with version v5.2304.1 build the PMDG behaviour is fixed . Thanks and sorry for that ! Simmarket will update you today with a new updated version email from your account. The version build is v5.2304.1


Thank you


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When you are investigating about what Replay tool can meet your expectation, check if your aircraft add-ons will be correctly supported. 

FlightControlReplay 5 has the widest list of supported airplanes and helicopters with custom code for MSFS ! Although the majority of these addons have advanced programs, and sometimes not as expected according to MSFS sdk, my tool allows to Replay these aircraft accurately in your flightsim instead of a flying brick.

You will be able to seat back and watch the full aircraft operation on the ground and in the air, during approach and landing, with its respective animations. And to spice it up, you can even activate the Cinematic Replay to change automatically the angles of view during Replay. 

Check a few videos published among the latest by content creators who are using FlightControlReplay 5 :

Flight Sim Stories
Landing at Fictional Airfield in New Zealand | Kodiak 100 | MSFS 2020 | 4K


MM Simulations - Liège Airport | Microsoft Flight Simulator [Official Trailer] | 4K


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Until May 08th, FlightControlReplay 5 is on sale 20% OFF !

This is your best chance to save money, for all simmers Easy, Advanced, and Content Creators !

From the Live Replay, to the most advanced features like PlayAsAI, AI Traffic tracking, or the Cinematic Replay and Ghost Plane, there are multiple ways to get entertained with your flight sim and FlightControlReplay 5. Explore them !

Watch what content creators produced last week with my tool :

MSFS I Fenix A320 + Ops | Vueling | Lanzarote Airport - Asturias Airport | 1080p

FLYT Simulations - Helicidade Heliport | Microsoft Flight Simulator [Official Teaser] | 4K

[MSFS 2020] LIVE | ✈️ VATSIM | Kraków - Göteborg | PMDG Boeing 737-600 | newsky.app | GSX Pro | 1440p

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FlightControlReplay 5 is your companion tool in your flight adventures to enjoy your performance from other points of view in Replay, during takeoff, landing, air racing, exploration, and more !

But it is also enriched by the support of other third-party add-ons. Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS is one of them ! It brings a detailed and wide AI Traffic with realistic liveries from airlines around the world.

FlightControlReplay 5 has all the necessary features to allow to track the AI traffic operating around your current position, to switch view to follow them, and you can record them on video !

With my custom support in MSFS of Just Flight FS Traffic for FlightControlReplay 5, you can produce airplane spotting videos in the virtual airport of your choice. Be creative and enjoy the traffic !

Still 5 days left to take advantage of the current sale 20% OFF on FCR5 until May 08th 23:59 CET.

Picked up among content creators' videos made with FlightControlReplay 5 :

X Flights
LFKJ to LFRN PMDG 737-700 TUI Airways | HD 1080p

The Flight Sim Deck
McMurdo Station | Antartica | 4K

MSFS I Fenix A320 + Ops | Air Canada Rouge | Montreal - Quebec | HD 1080p


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If you think that MSFS has been missing a replay tool, FlightControlReplay 5 has many features to cover your needs. And on top of them, you will appreciate that it is integrated with MSFS : 
- from the tool bar FCR icon, call and hide your Replay tool
- the user interface is then displayed directly as a transparent layer above your main flightsim window, so you don't have to leave your session to start or load a Replay, to activate the Ghost Live or the Cinematic replay.

Watch the impressive Cinematic video showcasing the HPG 145 Helicopter add-on for MSFS : 

Practically Geek
HPG H145 Helicopter | Hype Performance Group | Microsoft Flight Simulator [Cinematic Video]

MK-Studios - Philadelphia Airport | Microsoft Flight Simulator [Official Trailer] | 4K



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Hello !

Important news for helicopter pilots in MSFS, with the release of the update V2.0 for Hype Performance Group H145. This very advanced simulation "*comes with many new features, refinements and bug fixes - but most importantly our H145 now takes advantage of the native helicopter flight model implemented by Asobo in Sim Update 11 while also maintaining our custom stability and autopilot features that are found in the real world H145.*"

For users of FlightControlReplay 5 who already got my last version March Update, your Replay tool is already compatible with the new helicopter model. 

Custom support included for this HPG H145 v2 :
- Tablet integration of FCR5 Interface in the virtual cockpit : load/save replay, start/stop recording, Cinematic Replay, ReLive features are directly accessible 
- Pedals, cyclic and collective controls are actually supported for an accurate replay of your helicopter in MSFS

Watch more possibilities with FlightControlReplay 5 :

4Simmers - DC-3 Livery Pack | Microsoft Flight Simulator [Official Teaser] | 4K

Practically Geek
Transall C-160 | Azurpoly | Microsoft Flight Simulator [Cinematic Video] | 4K

E-Simulation Pro Indonesia
MSFS2020 | FENIX A320 | Cockpit View Landing at Semarang | Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 | HD 1080p


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Hello Fabio, hope all is well.

Hoping that you will consider adding Custom Support in Version 5 for the Asobo/Working Title 787-10 and 747-8.  With the AAU2 update, these are now very capable airliners (even though they are default aircraft).  Their popularity is sure to increase!

Thank you for considering this request 🙂

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When you run a recording session of your flight simulator, you have to deal at the same time with the game window and with FlightControlReplay 5 interface.

2 Weeks ago, I reminded the capability to use the MSFS integrated interface of my recording and replay tool : practical and direct access for a quick replay.

In difference for a video production, you don't want any other interface to be displayed in the final result. That's why you will prefer to use the standard Windows of FlightControlReplay 5. And you will particularly appreciate how it can be customized, modified, to be adapted to your monitor layout, resolution.

You can switch between the three sizes available, and on top of it, you can also turn it in transparency mode. Limit the space used on your monitor, or keep the maximum size if you need all the buttons visible.

Watch some nice replays made with FlightControlReplay 5 and published last week :

Pixelplanes - Tecnam P2006T Livery Pack Vol. 1 | Microsoft Flight Simulator [Official Teaser] | 4K

[MSFS] Nice Côte d'Azur to Barcelona El Prat - Airbus A320 - Easy Jet | Avgeek09 | HD 1080p

Keep Blue Side Up
Beautiful 4K approach into KJFK at dusk with lead in lights! | 4K


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On 5/20/2023 at 3:38 PM, Toneking77 said:

Hoping that you will consider adding Custom Support in Version 5 for the Asobo/Working Title 787-10 and 747-8.  With the AAU2 update, these are now very capable airliners (even though they are default aircraft).  Their popularity is sure to increase!

Thank you for considering this request 🙂

Of course, AAU2 is just in beta right now.  What I'm really asking for is once the beta is over and the changes go live.

Thank you!


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I'm happy to announce that FlightControlReplay is an exhibitor partner of FlightSimExpo 2023 (June 23-25), the huge conference to take place next month in Houston, Texas !

On Saturday 24 June, at SIMMARKET booth H3, will be revealed a much awaited feature for MSFS to be added in FlightControlReplay 5 with a free update for registered users.

FlightSimExpo 2023 confirmed +70 exhibitors on site, it's the biggest flight simulation show to meet with professionals, developers and to have your hands on hardware and add-ons products to test !

Take your ticket at flightsimexpo.com , visit the booth H3 of my store partner SIMMARKET.com and follow the social medias during the event weekend to discover what's coming NEXT !

Watch flight sim action recorded with FlightControlReplay 5 :

Blu Games 
Beautiful Flight to Monaco GP! | F1 Logistics World Tour (R7) | HD 1080p

MSFS I Fenix A320 + Vatsim | Eurowings | Cologne Bonn - Vienna Int'l | HD 1080p

[MSFS] Amsterdam Schiphol to Copenhagen Kastrup - Boeing 787-10 - KLM | Avgeek09 | HD 1080p


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