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Strange ground traffic at KLAX (Feelthere)


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Hi... I posted before about a crashing issue when the Asobo KLAX was removed.  After it was put back the Feelthere KLAX seemed ok.   There is a new issue with a random stream of cars crossing the runway, see attached pic to get an idea.  You'll see one car on the middle right of the picture.  This is actually a constant stream of traffic that disappears as it crosses the runway.   Is there any way to just disable this traffic leaving everything else intact?  Thanks.



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Hi @Basilrug, we have updated KLAX and are uploading it today. The newest version will be v1.4.0.

- excluded road traffic from the airport boundary

 - fixed approach lighting spacing

 - added tdz lighting to 25L,24R,7L,6R

- added VOR building

You can check if the Asobo version is installed by navigating to the content manager on the MSFS home screen. Search for KLAX and uninstall the Asobo version by selecting the button on the right side. 
Ours will be installed as long as it's in the community folder or installed via Orbx. 

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Thank you.  I have downloaded and it looks good!  I did not remove the default KLAX just for fyi.  Initially when I did that with v 1.3 I had instant CTD at KLAX.    So I left it in for v 1.4.  So far I don't see any duplicate buildings or performance issues.  

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