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WideClient with 2 network cards

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Good morning.  I've looked though the forums to see if I can locate anything like my particular problem and no luck.  So I'm reaching out.  I am using 2 different networked computers.  I have 2 network cards in each computer and all IP addresses are dedicated addresses.  One of the cards is connected directly to the other computer via a cross-over cable.  When WideFS loads up it try to poll the cross-over maching at and not  I've hardcoded the address inside the wideclient.ini file to specifiy  Now, this is where it gets really weird.  It works FINE with MSFS (using the correct FSUIPC version, of course) and gives me no problems.  Anyone have any ideas?  Logs attached



WideServer.log FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log WideClient.log

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On 12/30/2022 at 2:39 PM, Rick S. said:

I've hardcoded the address inside the wideclient.ini file to specifiy 

As well as what @brybechr has said, it would be useful if you could also attach your WideClient.ini - from what your log says, it still looks like its using the server name FSXCOMPUTER, which is resolving to, and not the address.

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  • John Dowson changed the title to WideClient with 2 network cards

I have updated the title of this topic to something more appropriate to your issue.

The WideClient.log file shows an initial successful connection:


  6098438 Server = FSXCOMPUTER
  6098438 Trying TCP/IP host "FSXCOMPUTER" port 8002 ...
  6098438 ... Okay, IP Address =
  6098454 Connection made okay!
  7259438 New Client Application: "TOPCAT" (Id=7760)
  8021547 New Client Application: "javaw" (Id=2900)
  8849016 Received shutdown offset code = ADBC
  8849016 FS closing down (param=ADBC), disconnecting

Although subsequent connection attempts seem to be failing, using both and (check your log!).

I suggest you try re-starting WideClient if you start getting continual failures (again, check the log).
Also, you could try setting the ServerName or ServerIPAddr WideClient ini partameter - and maybe the Protocol parameter, to see if that helps. See the WideFS User Guide for details.
Also, as it looks like it is sometimes connecting, maybe check your cabled connection, and look for any windows network events/errors on both the client and server machines, to see if they indicate any problems.


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The FSUIPC4.log file you posted is a continuation log, and so useless. Please only attach full log files for support - don't ever start a new log file.

14 hours ago, Rick S. said:

Also, I read the manual and tried your suggestion before even asking for help. 

Well, you did say ' I've hardcoded the address inside the wideclient.ini file to specifiy' (should be but the WideClient.ini does not show this, and the logs you are posting show it is trying with the address And as I stated in the previous post, your log showed an initial successful connection to the address.

15 hours ago, Rick S. said:

FSUIPC didn't even create a log until I shut down the sim. 

I don't understand this....the log files are created on start-up, although some buffering (by the OS/Windows) may occur before they are actually written to disk,

So, can you please set the ServerIPAddr in your WideClient.ini and try again, Reboot both server and client machines before you re-test. And if it still fails then show me all the necessary files (complete, not continuation) which are your FSUIPC log and ini files, your WideServer.log file, and your WideClient log and ini files - all from the same session.

Also, please check your Windows Event viewer to see if any network events/failures are reported.

Maybe also try running the windows network diagnostics tool(s) to see if they report anything. Your issue is related to your network set-up, not FSUIPC or WideFS.
Check the installation of the network cards and your cable(s), and maybe any network logs if you have any/can find them.



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Network cards are both working just fine.  Both can send and receive data just fine.  No errors in the event viewer other than what is related to my VR headset.  Logs attached.  The missing number in the address in the message I sent was a typo and is not what is in my ini file.

FSUIPC4.ini WideClient.log WideClient.ini FSUIPC4.log WideServer.log

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You say it works fine with MSFS - is that running on a different machine (i.e. not on FSXCOMPUTER)?

Your problem looks like a firewall issue blocking the connection on port 8002 (or something else is using that port). But if that is the case, I don't understand how you got that successful connection I showed you in an earlier post. Can you please try with all firewalls disabled (client, server and also on any routers) to check this and rule this out.

Also please check all PCs are in the same windows workgroup. What version of windows are you running an your various PCs?


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I have 4 different sims.  FSX, P3Dv3, P3Dv5 and MSFS 2020 all on the same computer.  Ports have already been opened.  FSUIPC is on my main computer where they are supposed to be for each version.  All utilities for the versions are run on another system and networked with the same workgroup.   The only one that seems to have problems is P3Dv3.  I'll try your suggestions and report back.

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Seems the problem had to do with my 2nd PCs firewall.  WideFS was in there but set to specific ports (8002, 9002).  Once I removed those specific port and just selected any it connected.  Very strange.  Thanx for the help



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