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MakeRwy extract the Modified scenry and runways

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Hello for whom it may concern

Hi ,  I have been modifying   MSFS airport, I need it of for MakeRwy to extract the database of runways gate ways for then to imported into Pilot 2ATC.  have anyone had any problem with extracting the taxiways and gateway after modifying. At first it seemed that MakeRwy extracted Kmia Airport with the new gate name in all. yet I did that with Krsw South Florida international airport, i put new jetways in place of the default and even the taxiway I name it like in real airport, i did all this with the SDK of MSFS2020 the problem is that only 9 gates shows up after is imported in pilot 2ATC.


Can someone help me please?


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5 minutes ago, Luis A said:

Can someone help me please?

MakeRwys assumes the format of the BGL files follow the decoding of clever folks on the website fsdeveloper.com. If modifying them destroys that format then MakeRwys won't be able to decode it.

I suggest you extract the sections of the Runways.txt, T5.csv and G5.csv files relevant to your modified airport for me to look at. Maybe there's a clue there.



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