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WideClient cannot connect with v7.3.16


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Just upgraded from FSUIPC v7.3.15 and my WideClient cannot connect. Downgrading back to v7.3.15 works fine.


 ********* WideClient Log [version 7.159] Class=FS98MAIN *********
Date (dmy): 14/01/23, Time 15:56:15.622: Client name is SYSTEMS-PC
      157 LUA: "G:\WideFS\Initial.LUA": not found
      188 Attempting to connect now
      188 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast
      188 Failed to connect: waiting to try again
     1203 Attempting to connect now


********* FSUIPC7, Version 7.3.16 (11th January 2023) by John Dowson *********
Steam installation detected: Checking for FS path in 'C:\Users\psx\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt'
FS path found = D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\
WebSocket server found: D:\Tools\FSUIPC\\Utils\FSUIPCWebSocketServer.exe
Windows 10 Enterprise 64 Bit reported as Build 19044, Release ID: 2009 (OS 10.0)
Reading options from "D:\Tools\FSUIPC\FSUIPC7.ini"
Checking the Registrations now ...
User Name="hidden"
User Addr="hidden"
FSUIPC7 not user registered
WideFS7 Key is provided
       47 System time = 14/01/2023 15:56:42
       47 FLT UNC path = "C:\Users\psx\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\"
       47 Allowing calibration when not assigned with 'Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration'
       47 -------------------------------------------------------------------
       62 Preset file 'D:\Tools\FSUIPC\myevents.txt' not found [info only]
       62 9506 Calculator Code presets have been loaded and are available for use
       78 Registered HotKey 'InvokeFSUIPCOptionsKey' (key=0x46, modifier=0x1)
      125 FS UNC path = "D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\"
      125 LogOptions=00000000 00000001
     3078 Simulator detected
     8109 SimConnect_Open succeeded
     8109 Running in "KittyHawk", Version: 11.0.282174.999 (SimConnect: 11.0.62651.3)
     8109 MSFS version = 11.0.282174.999
     8109 Initialising SimConnect data requests now
     8109 Offset file 'D:\Tools\FSUIPC\myOffsets.txt' not found (info only)
     8109 Mapping custom control numbers 69632 - 84232
     8125 Maximum number of custom events available is 1024 (defined by ini parameter MaxNumberOfCustomEvents)
     8125 flights\other\MainMenu.FLT
     8125 SimObjects\Airplanes\PSX.NET.MSFS.WASM\aircraft.CFG
     8187 User Aircraft ID 1 supplied, now being used
     8281 Aircraft loaded: running normally now ...
     8968 System time = 14/01/2023 15:56:51, Simulator time = 15:56:50 (15:56Z)


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That lFSUIPC7 log is partial and ended after 9 seconds, and shows that WideServer wasn't yet started. Leave it running longer...

Or did FSUIPC7 crash? Was it still running? If not, and it crashed, please check the Event viewer and paste any crash reports.

Any further issues,  please also attach your files, and not paste contents, partial or otherwise, and make sure FSUIPC7 / WideClient are no longer running before you attach logs.

Any further issues, I will rake a look on Monday.


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