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Fenix A320 reverse button


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Hi, with the settings that I find by selecting "Select for preset" I managed to make almost everything work with the axes and buttons of my Logitech X56 hotas.

However I cannot get the reverse throttle function of my A320 Fenix to work.

With the other planes I use (PMDG 738 and MD82) I use, instead of presets, the "Throttle Decr" function as long as I hold the button down and then "Throttle Cut" when I release it; unfortunately these settings don't work with the A320 Fenix and I can't find any presets in "Select for preset".

Can you help me solve?

Thank you.

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A couple of things you could try:
   - assigning to the default keypresses instead - F1 to idle, F2 (on repeat) to increase reverse thrust
   - assign a button to Throttle Reverse Thrust Toggle (or Set Reverse Thrust On/Off) and then use throttle axis for reverse. Also available for individual engines.
   - if assigning to the above in FSUIPC has no affect, try assigning in MSFS. If it works when assigning in MSFS but not FSUIPC, you can assign keypresses to the events/controls in MSFS (there may already be a default key press assigned, if so you can use that) and then assign to  the key presses in FSUIPC. There is also no problem having mixed assignments - some in MSFS, others in FSUIPC.

Note that I don't have the Fenix and so cannot test these. It may be that you also have to calibrate for reverse thrust in the MCDU first - see the following tutorial:


Also, please see this post on avsim" https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/619709-solved-fenix-throttle-calibration-no-reverse-on-axis/.

Maybe some other Fenix/FSUIPC users can help you further with this....


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