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Problem key allocation for pmdf 737-800


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So good evening to all, I am a great user of fsuipc and there I find myself without idea ... having put the maj of pmdg and even down to that of before, I can no longer affect my keys in fsuipc to interact with my aircraft (for instance landing light, logo, beacon, start engine 1, AP disconnet...)

I have never encountered this problem since the fsuipc maj where there is no more preset already.

I use the honeycomb throttle and the tca boeing in yoke 

thank you for your help  


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Sorry but I don't understand your issue....

Presets are available by checking the Select for preset checkbox in all assignment dialog windows.  To find an appropriate preset, use the MF HubHob site - https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/presets/. Note that there a re no presets listed for the 737-800, but you can use the ones for the 737-700.

If you are having issues using presets (or anything else), please show me/attach your FSUIPC7.ini file, together with an FSUIPC7.log file showing your issue (and with logging for Events and Buttons & Keys activated).


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excuse me for not being clear it is not obvious in writing and moreover in English 🙂

I tried yesterday to assign a key in prest 737-700 without anything happening in my pmdg 737 800.

I'll try again tomorrow morning or else I'll send you the files

thank you for your help 

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