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Greetings Fabio 

Thanks for your program and your obvious hard work on it over the years. I just got back in to simming and have upgraded my system to “high end”. I installed FCR and tried it out and began to learn how to use it the first night. When I went back to use it the second time the next night I noticed even before opening the program there was hesitation in my system especially when switching views, example from the upper panel (CTRL6) to cockpit view (CTRL1) there was significant delay and jumping that I had never experienced before. I went ahead and opened FCR and attempted to do some test recordings in my PMDG 738 and the hesitation continued. It was concerning and I decided right then to completely uninstall the program and the codec. I rebooted my system and other than the FCR icon still being in the MSFS tool bar, the smoothness of the sim had returned and I did not have any hesitation switching views. Any thoughts on what the problem could have been. Even if I never use the program again I am happy to donate my purchase for such a reasonable amount and all your hard work.  I donate for freeware regularly. Thank you for any suggestions you or the other users may have. If you need to know more I will try to give more information. Regards



Mississippi, USA

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