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PFCcom64 Addon doesn't appear with FSUIPC6

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Hello Pete or John,

with the new FSUIPC6 I the addon doesn't appear in the Add-ons Menue of P3Dv4 as I was it used for years with FSUIPC5 in subfolder Modules
(see picture 1 with FSUIPC5 and picture 2 with FSUIPC6).
The FSUIPC6.log file shows a correct loading of the .dll file, but something goes wrong.
I miss the line "   136922 PFC Menu entry added" which I identified in FSUIPC5.log
The FSUIPC6-installation proceeded with the Add-on.xml method (see picture 3).

I know it should work from thread https://forum.simflight.com/topic/89129-fsuipc6-doesnt-load-pfccom64dll-in-p3d-v4/
The latest FSUIPC6 ist from may 13th 2022 as your downloadpage reports.
PFCcom64.dll from june 2nd 2017 is a bit older as your downloadpage reports with jan 14th 2021 ...
Any idea?


3 FSUIPC6 folder content Add-on.xml method.PNG

2 Add-ons PFCid64 mit FSUIPC6_1.jpg

1 Add-ons PFC mit FSUIPC5_1.jpg


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yes, with the new one it appears in the Add-Ons and shows the know GUI (Graphical User Interface), when I click on it.

Obviously both FSUIPC and PFC versions should match. Thanks so far -


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17 minutes ago, Gerd said:

Obviously both FSUIPC and PFC versions should match.

Not sure what you mean by this - just use the latest release of each product. The PFC hid and com drivers are the same for FSUIPC5, FSUIPC6 and FSUIPC7, i.e. you use the same driver for each FSUIPC version,

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