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FSUIPC7 operates flaps only correctly after reloading all buttons


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I have a strange problem: I have assigned flaps to one of the switches on my yoke. The assignment is done differently for different airplanes. Sometimes I map the switches as a key press (F6/F7), sometimes as an FS control (flap incr/decr). It is always mapped to an incremental increase or decrease, never to flaps full up or full down.

For the last few weeks, however, flaps go only to the full down or full up position, regardless how I made the assignment. Even worse, when I fly a plane without a profile-specific assignment, FSUIPC appears to block any change in flaps. I can then neither operate the flaps using my yoke, nor in the VC, nor via keyboard.

I discovered that the problem is resolved after I open the button/switches assignment page and click on "reload all buttons". After that, flaps work with incremental increase again. However, I have to do that every time I start my simulator.

I only understood that this is a FSUIPC problem now, but in hindsight I can tell that this started some time during the last 2-3 weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Strange that this only started in the last 2-3 weeks - what, if anything, changed in that period? 

Can you first check that you are using the latest FSUIPC7 release, 7.3.18. Also check that the buttons/switches you are using are not also assigned in MSFS.

If you get the same issue, can you activate FSUIPC logging for Buttons & Keys and Events. Then generate two log files for me, one showing the issue when the flaps go full down/up, then reload the buttons and activate the flaps inc or dec again, and then exit. Then show/me attach the FSUIPC7.log and your FSUIPC7.ini.
For the second test, use the same logging and use an aircraft without a profile, and then try and operate the flaps in the three ways mentioned - using yoke button, VC and keyboard. Again exit before attaching the log.

I will take a look at your files tomorrow if I have time, but most likely it will be on Monday.


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Hello John,

many thanks for your quick reply, and apologies for my belated response - life got in the way.

>> Also check that the buttons/switches you are using are not also assigned in MSFS.

I think that was exactly the problem. I cannot tell for sure since SU12 was installed today, but the switches were also assigned to flaps increase/decrease in the simulator. After I deleted that, flaps worked fine with FSUIPC. The airplanes where I encountered problems only have three flap positions. Hence, if both FSUIPC and the simulator increase flaps, I would go from up to down in one step.

Thanks a lot for your help, which likely has resolved my issues. I will report back in case I encounter more difficulties.



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