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Am I able to reverse throttle axis when sending to FS as normal axis using fsuipc6?

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I am trying to configure my throttles for the new Fslabs concorde in p3dv5.3. If I send my throttles to FS as normal axis, my throttles work well except for the fact that they are in reverse. I tried sending them to fsuipc calibration instead but the throttle doesnt move through its entire axis when doing so. What am I supposed to do to make them move normally? 

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There are 3 things to try:

1. When assigned with Send direct to FSUIPC calibration, did you calibrate? If not, try that, and make sure you have checked for NRZ. If using protiles, also make sure the profile box is checked in the calibration tab.

2. You can also try calibrating (inc. reversing) when using Send to FS as normal axis.

3. Some aircraft don't play well with FSUIPC calibration, mainly some complex add-ons. For such aircraft its best to not calibrate. Note that the default calibration section will apply if there is no profile-specific calibration section, so best to create a profile-specific calibration section and Reset (i.e. remove) the relevant throttle calibration. To reverse the axis, you can then use the Additional parameters to scale input axis values  functionality (see p43 of the Advanced User manual), by adding ',*-1' to the axis assignment line in your FSUIPC6.ini file.


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