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Flight Control Replay 5 MSFS Won't Open

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Hi everyone. I just purchased Flight Control Replay 5. I have MSFS (Windows 10 App Store), and the program won't open when I click on it. I read the instructions and set it to open as Administrator. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, but nothing.

The program won't open outside of MSFS, and the in-game bar also does not appear in MSFS. I can't find anything doing Google Searches about anyone else having this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi Fabio,

Hats off to you for your obvious hard work and expertise that is evident with this product FlightControlReplay for MSFS.

I am now 75 years old after a very nice and fun multi-career track to include vintage software design (Z-80 machine code) as a sideline to my commercial airline flying career. So, I am very patient when I see someone working so hard to code and produce a stellar project as you have done. With that said, I must admit that after 3 days of focused, concentrated experience with FCR via MSFS (Win10 and Ryzen 7/NVIDIA RTX/etc.), I have been unable to solve the reason for one problem that really bugs me. (No pun intended).


The issue that, in MSFS, the custom tool bar does show the presence of FCR, but the result of clicking that button gives an empty, transparent frame. No buttons, no print, completely blank. Tried everything that is available on the web from every site and YouTube video trying to discover someone who had solved this issue. People do report the problem but their solutions have not worked.  I'm not a newbie when it comes to debugging code. I examined every file in folder related to this feature -  style sheets, java, html, etc. I went line-by-line hoping to find a clue leading to something else that I could try. Even your /! comment about integrating ROBOTO font produced my effort to download and install that font in the event that was the problem with rendering. While I can get the Replay Panel display by executing the .exe from your native directory and as the admin, it's awkward. Your hard work to have access to toggling the Replay UI directly from the Custom Menu in MSFS while flying is the best option.  I have read the .pdf several times (we'll talk about that later) and can find no ideas.  If you could delve into some possible reasons that the UI will not populate the frame with buttons etc, I would really appreciate it.  Since I am an advanced user/coder, please suggest more than the obvious things that are readily available both in the manual and online. Trust me, I have scoured the web.  On the other hand, if you are aware of an intermittent bug that you've been unable to solve at this point, please let us all know that so that we can just wait until it does get solved. I know from experience that the anecdote that "this guy did this, and this guy did that" is no solution. So, this is why I go to you directly with a direct question asking if this "bug" is one of those system-to-system problems and so far lacks a good explanation as to why it is occurring.

I do like your product but the way I intend to use it is impossible without being able to toggle the Custom Tool Bar Icon to toggle the UI display while the other optional Replay UI is not visible nor needs to be accessed.

Thank you very much Fabio.


Best regards,

CA Bill



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Hi Bill ! 


I m very happy that you have FCR ! And i m happy to help you ! 


This happens when you dont configured port number on FCR Dialog Option . You can do that ... go in FCR Option and change your port number with for example 8090, and save the parameters 😉 



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