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MakeRwys stops working

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Hi !

When i start MakeRwys on my P3dV5 on W11 it stops shortly after start without any message, the window displayed while processing just disappears.

The result is the attached Runways.txt file. I start MakeRwys as an administrator on W11, LorbySceneryExport seems to work correctly, MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg is generated.

Any ideas ?


Thank you !



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Just run it as administrator - from the MakeRwys readme document:


NOTE that you should run MakeRunways “as administrator”. This is especially true on Win10. The best way is to mark it needing admin privileges in its (or its shortcut) “Properties – Compatibility” settings (right click on the EXE or the shortcut)


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Sorry, I understood that it is not working when you run it as non-admin but is working correctly when you run it as admin.

Since Pete has retired, MakeRwys is no longer supported - from fsuipc.com:


Note that MakeRunways is now closed for further development, as Peter Dowson, the original author of this product, has now retired. However, you can download the source and update for your own needs. The source code for this utility is available on GitHub at the following location: https://github.com/jldowson/MakeRunways/. If you would like to take over development and support of this product, please PM me via the support forum (SimMarket)(John Dowson).

However, Pete does still pick-up and respond to issues with MakeRwys. Unfortunately he is currently on holiday, back at the end of the month. I can ask him to take a look when he returns.


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