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FSUIPC6 .mcro file issue.

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Hey guys, I am using the Milviz T-38C and I created a .mcro file to bind a hotas button to one of the planes switch variables. I place the .mcro file in the folder of my fsuipc6 installation, where the fsuipc6 DLL file is located. Once I run fsuipc6 I don’t see the crop as an option in the drop down. Could someone help me? Thanks!!!

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Check the [MacroFiles] section of your FSUIPC6.ini file - do you see your macro file there? If not, then the macro file is either not in the correct location or it has the wrong extension type.

If it is there, then it should be in the menu...

You can also check that you have installed in the correct location by using the 'Open Folder' button in the Logging tab - do you see your macro file (and with the correct extension)?



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2 hours ago, Mustang 1-1 said:

You are saying I need to name it .mcro.txt?

No! Quite the opposite...

2 hours ago, Mustang 1-1 said:

t’s called TAKEOFF-TRIM-MACRO.mcro

From the Advanced User guide:


It is important that the file name (xxxx.mcro) is limited to 16 characters maximum, (plus the ".mcro"). This will be used as part of the name of the added controls in the drop-downs. Best to keep the names short and to the point—probably the name of the program or program function for which the controls are being added.

Your filename contains 18 characters, so please rename to something shorter and more sensible. And don't forget that the filename and macro name will appear for assignment (i.e. as filename: macroName), so name both the file and the macros in it accordingly.

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