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bonjour monsieur, afin d’utiliser le logiciel de Metaflifht que les développeurs utilisent pour intégrer les valeurs des avions, FSUIPC. Bien que dans FSUIPC il n’y ait pas toutes les valeurs du DC6 GMDG. C’est très ennuyeux. Que faire ?

Sinceres salutations

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I have moved your comment to a new topic.


Although in FSUIPC there are not all the values of the DC6 GMDG

What do you mean by this? What values are you looking for?

Does the DC6 have an SDK, similar to the PMDG 737? If it provides an sdk with additional data that I can use, then I can add this to offsets, as I do with the PMDG 737.

Otherwise, maybe check the available lvars.

Looks like the DC-6 also uses custom controls in the same way as the PMDG 737 - check the FAQ section on how to use these (although the FAQ refers to the PMDG 737, it should also apply to the DC-6). There are also > 100 presets available for this aircraft, so check them out.  Also check-out other posts in this forum on using the DC-6.


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