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Auto-record questions

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HI there,

I'd like to use the auto-record function, but I have 2 questions.

So first, what I'm trying to do is auto-record every landing as soon as I - let's say - descent through 1000ft AGL on final. 
But is the altitude you can define in settings AGL or BARO? ... (because when it is baro, I would face a problem since not every airport is at 0ft MSL).

And second, as the manual states you'll still have to press record at the beginning of the flight to "arm" the auto-record system. 
Can't there be any real auto-function, where I just let FCR start with the sim (i.e. via fsuipc) and then just forget about it since it will just record every landing as described above?
Hitting record is just another thing not to do/forget (which I most likely will from time to time), and I'd love a system that just starts with the sim and does its thing... 




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