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FCR v5 - please explain Helicopter support

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Hi there,

Great update to the UI!

Can someone please explain the helicopter support (or lack of it)?

With v5 I can record a helicopter flight and replay that without any problems, this works regardless of what helicopter I use.

But I cant get it (ever) to inject a previous heli flight so I can fly alongside, I am 99% sure the old version could do this.

Also I cant get it to add a ghost helicopter either.

I have tried with default helis (207 & cabri). I have tried with H145 and with other payware helicopters.

If i try to replay a fixed wing flight or use a fixed wing ghost this works so I suspect it just doesnt support helicopters. I have read that the H145 is 'supported' but even this does not offer a ghost or an AI that I can replay and fly alongside.

Can someone please let me know if this is expected behaviour and maybe if helicopters are not supported you could make this clear in the product documentation.

Or if helicopters are supported maybe help me to figure out why they are not working for me please?


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can i send you a recorded flight from a helicopter?

I can but does it matter what helicopter i used to create the recording?  

How do i get the file to you please as the maximum size allowed is 20kb! my recording is bigger than that!

In my recording the helicopter (CowanSim H125) takes off and flies a circuit of KSNA. I can watch this replay with no issues and internal/external camera works fine.
But i cant get this flight to show as something I can then fly along to. 

Please let me know how to get you the recording

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thanks for your reply.

I do t think that it is clear that the product does not support helicopters. Maybe you should make this clear in your literatute

what does it mean when you say the H145 is supported then? Supported to do what exactly?

I’m pretty sure version 4.5 allowed me to follow a previously recorded helicopter flight as an AI aircraft but as you are the developer can you clarify the exact nature of what FCR5 will do for helicopter pilots?



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Hi !

H145 is supported it means you can record and replay (and you can also record and replay doors, PEdals, Collective and cyclic and Eng1 and 2 switches .

There are some things i cannot support , like AI for Helicopter. This is an actual MSFS limitation , and if he remove it , i m perfectly able to record and replay 


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