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new turtle beach rudders

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The details of your controllers are taken from the windows registry - I do not know or understand why these have not been updated.

I am also surprised that the rudder is working - the toe brakes seem to be assigned ok but the rudder assignment is empty:


0=0X,256,D,0,8,0,0    -{ DIRECT: RightBrake }-
1=0Y,256,D,7,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: LeftBrake }-
2=    -{ DIRECT: Rudder }-


Can you attach your FSUIPC6.JoyScan.csv file please.

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That looks fine.  I don't understand why it is using the same vendor id (044F)  as Thrustmaster though, but  I wouldn't worry about this.

The only worrying thing is the empty assignment line:
    2=    -{ DIRECT: Rudder }-
I have never seeing anything like that (no assignment details but a valid comment/annotation). Can you remove that line (when FSUIPC/P3D is not running) and then try and reassign and re-calibrate your rudder, and check that the assignment line looks correct afterwards.

You should also switch to using JoyLetters - just change this:


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I do assign the rudder an axis assignment, then I go and do a configuration for calibration. This part is very unconventional, I reset the rudder and do not set them again. It seems to have a default setting, maybe the firmware does it, I don't know  but it then works perfectly. Old adage don't fix it if it is not broken might apply. I go down the runway on takeoff and rudder is very smooth and makes small adjustments accordingly. I did make the other change you advised.

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