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MakeRunways/MSFS Latitude/Longitude problem in Runways.xml file

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I have been using MakeRwys for a long time to update the database of airport locations in my website.  One user of the website commented that the location of one airport in MSFS, icao code CAD5 was incorrect, believing I had recently updated with recent update from MSFS I decided to check the original output files from MakeRwys to see what it output.  This is what I see.

From Runways.txt I see this block for that airport. (Edited to reduce unnecessary info).

Airport CAD5 :N50:07:22.2546  W120:44:42.3203  2062.49ft
          Country Name=""
          State Name=""
          City Name=""
          Airport Name=""

          in file: Official\OneStore\fs-base-genericairports\scenery\0101\APX15140.bgl

          Runway 3 /21  centre: N50:07:22.3194  W120:44:42.0515  2062.49ft
              Start 3 : N50:07:10.1715  W120:45:04.0637  2062.49ft Hdg: 49.3T, Length 3978ft 
              Computed start 3 : Lat 50.119308 Long -120.751465
              Start 21 : N50:07:34.4673  W120:44:20.0392  2062.49ft Hdg: 229.3T, Length 3978ft 
              Computed start 21 : Lat 50.126427 Long -120.738571
              Hdg: 49.267 true (MagVar 21.000), Asphalt, 3978 x 86 ft
              *** Runway *** CAD50030 Lat 50.119308 Long -120.751465 Alt 2062.49 Hdg 28 Len 3978 Wid 86
              *** Runway *** CAD50210 Lat 50.126427 Long -120.738571 Alt 2062.49 Hdg 208 Len 3978 Wid 86
          Taxipoint #0, type 1 (normal):  N50:07:35.1151  W120:44:18.7791  -- Forward
          Taxipoint #1, type 1 (normal):  N50:07:28.1180  W120:44:31.5250  -- Forward
          Parking Park1 [#G0]:  N50:07:22.3842  W120:44:33.6958
              Type 2 (GA Ramp Small), Size 7.0m, Hdg 48.7T
          Parking Park2 [#G1]:  N50:07:22.0602  W120:44:33.1439
              Type 2 (GA Ramp Small), Size 7.0m, Hdg 46.5T
          FSM A/P CAD5, lat=50.122856, long=-120.745087, alt=2062.49

I also see this lower in the file

Airport CAD54 :N43:06:58.7651  W079:04:15.7641  585.54ft
          Country Name=""
          State Name=""
          City Name=""
          Airport Name="Great Wolf Lodge"

          in file: Official\OneStore\microsoft-canada-point-of-interest\scenery\Microsoft\canada-pois\branch3.bgl

          FSM A/P CAD5, lat=43.116325, long=-79.071045, alt=585.54

But in runways.xml I see this.

	<ICAO id="CAD5">
		<SceneryName>microsoft-canada-point-of-interest scenery Microsoft canada-pois</SceneryName>
		<Runway id="03">
		<Runway id="21">

Formatted to make it easier to read and I deleted some unnecessary lines

The thing I noticed in this is that the Latitude and Longitude and File properties in the XML seam to be coming from the CAD54 entry in the TXT file.  CAD54 does not appear in the XML file, probably because there are no runways.  I have always used the XML file as its easier for a program to parse and update my system from and this is the first time I have noticed a problem like this. I did write a quick program to compare the data in my XML file to find runways whose location was more than a degree different from the airport location and it identified about five where this problem exists.  I think I can work around it by using the average of the runways in this situation but thought I would report it.

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Sorry but Pete has retired and I no longer support MakeRunways. I'll mention this to Pete and he may take a look,


Note that MakeRunways is now closed for further development, as Peter Dowson, the original author of this product, has now retired. However, you can download the source and update for your own needs. The source code for this utility is available on GitHub at the following location: https://github.com/jldowson/MakeRunways/. If you would like to take over development and support of this product, please PM me via the support forum (SimMarket)(John Dowson).


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I think the problem arises because CAD54 is not a valid ICAO ID. The ICAO system of IDs only allows 4 characters. It looks like MakeRunways is only comparing with the first 4 characters, CAD5.

When I get the time I'll have a look to see how easy it is to program around. I'll probably simply ignore (bypass) all entries with more than 4 character IDs. I don't know if this will eliminate anything significant -- perhaps you can tell me? I fear the changes which would be needed to deal with >4 character IDs 'properly' would be more work, and more complicated, than I am willing to tackle.





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Asobo/MSFS recently changed the facilities API and switched from using an ICAO to using an Ident, which allows for up to 6 characters for an airport identifier. I have no idea why they did this....! I presume the Ident is the same as the ICAO for most airports.

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Here's a version of MakeRunways for testing (5.132). 

It ignores airport records with an ICAO Id or more than 4 characters. For each one so ignored a message will be seen in the Log ("Runways.txt").

Please try it and let us know.  Perhaps you can ZIP up the log (Runways.txt) and send it for me to check. If even the Zipped file is too big, maybe at least show portions flagging ignored entries or any problems you see.




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