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FSUIPC7 intercepting keystrokes sent from SPAD to MSFS


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I have keys assigned to a hat swtich so that, if I press the hat switch to the left, for example, it sends a Alt-4 to MSFS which changes the view in the sim.  If I run FSUIPC things break.  I get a Windows beep and no view change happens.  I looked in the FSUIPC7 log and saw these....

   179687 .. KeyDown received from FS but not programmed 
   179687 KEYUP: VK=18, Waiting=0, Shifts=0
   179687 .. KeyUp not programmed -- passing on to FS
   179703 **** keyUp sent via SendInput
   179734 EV_KEYUP received: 0x38 (8)
   179734 KEYUP: VK=56, Waiting=0, Shifts=0
   179734 .. KeyUp received from FS but not programmed

If I stop FSUIPC7, the problem goes away.  I want to run FSUIPC so I can use A Pilot's Life.  Is there anything I can do?


edit: Reading through other threads, it seemed wise to attach my ini file and log.  🙂


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You are using a very old version of FSUIPC7 - 7.0.2 from November 2020. The latest version is 7.4.2 - please update.

FSUPC will receive all keystrokes (from MSFS via SimConnect), but it will not do anything (as you are using an unregistered version) except log them, if activated.

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First, please exit FSUIPC7 before attaching logs. 
Your log just shows that FSUIPC7 received key presses  (from MSFS) and did nothing with them as you have no assignments.
As these key presses were received from MSFS (and they are not masked), I don't see how FSUIPC can be intercepting these keys or preventing actions assigned elsewhere.
It is also strange that initially only keyup's were received, and then only keydown's over a minute later....

Can you therefore please check things at your end, and also try with default aircraft.

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i have looked into this further and have found some strange interactions between FSUIPC7 and Spad.Next w.r.t sending key presses, but not exactly as you describe.

How have you assigned in Spad.Next? Are you sending to the active window or to the FS? The latter is preferable.
Not 100% sure what the issue is yet (it looks like Spad.Next is sending the key presses/releases to FSUIPC7 instead of MSFS), but I will look into this further and contact Spad.Next to see if anything can be done about this.

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@Coast_Flyer I have now received feedback from Spad,neXt and they have confirmed that this issue is on their side - when FSUIPC7 is running, it is sending the keystrokes to FSUIPC7 instead of MSFS2020. They will (maybe) correct this in a future update. I will update again once this has been done.


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