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I'm wondering if you can help me with a problem i am having with some hardware I recently purchased. So got the Mini overhead panel from javasimulator.com and the software I had to download was FSUIPC7 I'm guessing this is the what the manufacturer (java simulator) used to connect to MSFS, and while everything is functioning in the sim the pushbutton indications are not correct for example on the Axillary power button when the button should light up "AVAIL" it is lilting up ON. i am wandering if i have the paid version on FSUIPC7 would i be able to correct the issues i am having    

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Sorry but I have no idea - I have not heard of this panel and do not know how it uses FSUIPC7. You need to ask the panel providers, i.e. javasimulator.com.
If the panel software is using FSUIPC to drive the push-button indicators, I would need to know what aircraft you are using and what offsets are being used (by the panel software) to determine the push-button state.

15 hours ago, kecole13 said:

i am wandering if i have the paid version on FSUIPC7 would i be able to correct the issues i am having    

I doubt this - just having the paid version will make no difference, unless the panel software uses some of the registered facilities (e.g. lua), but the panel provider/documentation should say if you need the registered or free version of FSUIPC7, You can also try the full version - there is a trial license available in a post at the top of this forum (i.e. the FSUIPC7 support sub-forum, not the main support sub-forum).



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