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EVENT IDs for PMDG 737 via Offset 3110 and SIOC

Guest Julius Eckl

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Guest Julius Eckl

Hi Im having troubles regarding to sending an event id via SIOC (Custom script for a cdu interface in P3D for the PMDG 737). I wanted to send the event ids for the cdu keys starting from 70166-70234 via the offset $3110 which is if i understood correctly for controls in fsuipc or event ids in the pmdg world. I have to do the whole thing via SIOC. So i have a variable with this offset $3110 and certain conditions for when a button is pressed (eg EVT_CDU_L1 which corespons to the event id parameter of 70166) that this value gets send. When looking in the log files i also receive this data but its not doing anything in the simulator. Im not very familiar with how this stuff works and just tipped my toes into it. But theoreticaly I should be able to send those event ids via SIOC and the offset $3110 to fsuipc and get a response from my cdu in the pmdg 737 aircraft right?  Here is a little snipped of my sioc script if that helps:


Var 0001, name CONTROL, Link FSUIPC_OUT, Offset $3110, Length 4, Value 0

Var 0002, name KEYS, Link IOCARD_KEYS, Device 13
  IF &KEYS = 56
    &CONTROL = 70166


Im aware that im not sending the full 8 bytes, but the first 4 should still work for these kind of simple button presses. Also SIOC doesnt let me choose more than 4 byte of data. 

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