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FCR v5 Replay slows down while recording

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Dear Fabio Merlo and the whole community, 

Firstly thank you for your great work, either in developing and support. Flight Replay Recorder is a great tool and make its job in analysing my flight performances.

Howerver I would like also to record on video topic moments and nice clips. Here I am having troubles:

Replay works perfect but as I click to record the video, the replay slows down in speed on its own. The file produced most of the times is not readable from VLC but alternatively can be played on Media Player and cannot be imported in kdenlive, plus playback is high speed (twice or more).

I am sure I am missing something basic.. as general consensus is celebrating all the feature, however I can't find similar cases on forums, youtube and web.

What screenshots should I provide to find the clue, if it is no such obvious as I fear?

Thanks for your time!

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Hi ! Thank you for your words !!! 😉

When you start Render the video starting froma  replay it is normal that render will go frame by frame slowly.... When all things are rendered , fcr produce a file that you need open on VLC . You installed correctly the CODEC X264?





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Thanks for your reply,
I believe that the codec is correctly installed:



however when the video start appears this warning message:

I would attach also the video but the smallest is 118MB, I uploaded them on youtube (not listed) for your consideration, I've also tried to reinstall the codec without changes, VLC refuse to open it and Media player playback it at warp speed:

Zero latency is the setting advised in a post on this forum but it didn't change the situation, here a video with the default settings:


Thanks again for your help!

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I tried everything I could, I reinstalled everything from a new software download. Still the same problems and more came up.

With GA ACFTs same issues on recording, PMDG 727 is pure random. Gear going down few moments before touchdown, desync of flaps, spoilers sometime freezes up and lights not turning on/off also the instruments in the cockpit behave randomly, sometimes I have them on, sometimes only the captain's side some time nothing at all.

Initial condition of time is also not coherent. Time and weather are not the one for departure.


Pic: Gear is still up landing lights off, lights absent, the ACFT is dark and cold

But this is not consistent, I had one case, a brief moment where the cockpit was alive and beacon on even if the incoherencies with gear, flaps and flight computer alarms (not experienced during flight). Clicks are random, I am again running a replay, take off with flap 6 got almost the same clicks for flap 30..

Frustration arises and I am considering to give up on this. Despite my initial enthusiasm these inconsistencies don't provide a ground for analysis and efforts in recording.

Please advise.


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Hi !


Unfortunatelly not all 3rd party planes are supported . Because every 3rd party use different custom variables to manage systems ....

I ll try my best support most important 3rd parties  ... every update i release...


For other issue i m ivestigating watching your video .... 


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6 hours ago, FabioMerlo said:

Unfortunatelly not all 3rd party planes are supported . Because every 3rd party use different custom variables to manage systems ....

I ll try my best support most important 3rd parties  ... every update i release...

Sorry @FabioMerlo but there must be a misunderstanding as the 3rd party in use is the PMDG 737 which is declared on few lines in simMarket: FLIGHTCONTROLREPLAY 5 MSFS P3D

  • Support for major airliner addons
    • MSFS PMDG 737 and FENIX A320 (Flaps, Gears, Ailerons, Spoliers, Reverse Thrust and Slats are actually working in Replay mode with FlightControlReplay, for smooth and accurate animations)
    • P3D PMDG 737/747/777, QualityWings 787, Majestic Q400

Since the previous version, maybe I understood wrongly and this is actually the support mentioned. I wanted your software perhaps because I though was flawless with my absolute favourite airliner. Anyway...

I can see you're working hard to implement the thousands of addon and updates though your releases. The thing I really want is to contribute to make this software better and ultimately solve my issues. Please, please please, do not hesitate to let me know how can I be useful, I can make more flights, recordings, post logs, recording from OBS to compare with the built-in recorder... I don't know, anything may give you the information and tools to make this software great as it deserves. Just ask what might be useful and I will try my best of what I can do to contribute.

Thanks for your time

Note: Bold and underline not to emphasize but to highlight for TLDR (not wasting your time) 

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