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  1. Hello Nikola, I love your calculators and have purchased all of them (I believe). I am trying to update my 767 Toper Calculator because I get a message when I open the software that says there is an update available. I checked the forum and found the link for the update. It asks for my serial key, so I put it in and it says that it is the wrong key. (It appears you have entered a wrong serial key. Please go back and try again). I just repurchased the software from Simmarket today. (actually I've repurchased a couple of the calculators I had because the old versions seem to have quit working). How can I get the latest update for the 767 calculator if the download won't accept the serial key that I got when I purchased it from Simmarket. The activation accepted it without any problem. Thank you, Bob
  2. 64 bit compatibility?

    No need to ask about price. Just go to Simmarket and grab it. http://secure.simmarket.com/pete-dowson-fsuipc5-for-p3dv4.phtml
  3. I just purchased and installed my new registered version of FSUIPC5, so I won't have to keep asking about it. Thank you Pete. It means so much to everyone that depends on it. Bob
  4. 64 bit compatibility?

    Pete, I still don't see any link to getting the registered version of FSUIPC5. Am I missing it? Do I need to contact Simmarket support? Thank you, Bob
  5. 64 bit compatibility?

    If I go to the FSUIPC4 Page at Simmarket and scroll down, it shows that FSUIPC5 is now available, but when I click on the link, I get an Error 404. http://secure.simmarket.com/pete-dowson-fsuipc4.phtml How do I buy the registered version or get a registration for the free download? Thank you, Bob
  6. 64 bit compatibility?

    Is the paid upgrade available now? If so, can someone put a link to it. I'm getting an error 404 when I try to go to FSUIPC5 at Simmarket. Thank you, Bob
  7. 64 bit compatibility?

    Thank you Pete. I will be more than willing to re-purchase FSUIPC. I have been using the version that I have for about ten years. A 64bit version for P3Dv4 would be outstanding.
  8. Thank you Nikola! No problem. Happy holidays to you also. Bob
  9. Hello, I purchased the Toper 767 calculator from Simmarket yesterday, but the "Data" file is not included in the .exe, thus the software cannot be used. I just get a "Unhandled Exemption" error when starting the software, telling me that "airports_10.dat" cannot be found. I redownloaded the software to see if it had got corrupted, but just got the same results. Please give me a link to the full software so I can use my purchase.\ Thank you, Bob
  10. Hello, First I want to say that I love FS Commander and have enjoyed it as my main flight planner for years. I just upgraded to 9.5 and I seem to be having a problem saving FSX flight plans. Every time I try to "save as" or "save" a flight plan, I get the error message "Error in writting FS10 plan" I have run the database for FSX and pointed FSCommander to my FSX install folder and my "Documents\Flight Simulator X" flight plan folder. What could be causing this error? It seems to be writting flight plans to the PMDG aircraft ok. I appreciate your help with this. Thank you, Bob
  11. FS9 PushBack Utility - Suggestions

    Why don't you make a good pushback utility for X-Plane 10/64bit. It is desperately needed.
  12. FSPS announces Sim Physics X

    I think that I see the problem with the Maddog. When you set up the Maddog for flight with it's configeration program, it re-writes the aircraft.cfg, so any text added from SimPhysicsX is overwritten before you fly. I will try setting up my Maddog, then configuring it for SimPhysics and see what happens. One suggestion is that SimPhysics should allow the configuring of only individual aircraft, so only the aircraft that one desires to have SimPhysicsX effective on, can be configured, instead of it setting up every aircraft in FSX at one time.
  13. FSPS announces Sim Physics X

    I bought this and tried it with Leonardo's Maddog, but it didn't seem to work at all. I went through the whole configuration and setup, but when in the Maddog, the Sim Physics screen showed no information about my aircraft, runway or anything and I didn't see any change at all. Also several 2d pop-up screens on my Maddog got messed up. I will try it tomorrow with another aircraft. Maybe it will work with just certain aircraft. I know that I noticed that my Captain Sim 777 failed to get through the configerator. I may uninstall it and try to re-install the software in the default location. I have it on my "F" drive along with FSX.
  14. I love Flight Sim Commander and use it primarily for all my flights. This is a minor irritation, but I'm hoping that you can adjust it in a coming update. When I hold my mouse over an airport to check the weather conditions, if i is a large airport, the information runs off the bottom of the screen and it is very difficult to get it to where I can read all of it. I would think that if this information could always stay on top, even over the flight plan box while reading the Airport info, and be limited to the program screen area, even if the lines of copy have to "Wrap around" or start a new column, it would be so much better. Also, it would be great to have an option with the right mouse button, to grab the screen and pan it around like Google Maps. That would be a big help. Thank you, Bob
  15. TOPER Tool - Imperial Weights

    Ha, ha..no problem. ^_^