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  1. Go ahead. I support the future and your further development.
  2. ShowText would not work well, but got something working now with the 'text menu.lua' in the WideClient folder. Thank's Rune B
  3. I am actually running Radar Contact on a WideClient. But have no clue about how to use ShowText. Google got me nothing. Green text window stays open as long as RC is running. Trying to hide or undock it and it pops back up. Edit: Ok, found ShowText and reading me up on it. Rune B
  4. Is there any progress in the Radar Contact display situation? The current green display is ok but impossible to hide. Stays open all the time. Rune B
  5. CH Throttle Calibration

    I get the same behaviour as Dave_M with version 3.827, so I had to switch back to 3.826.
  6. Thank you for the zapper Pete! Could I please have one for real? I'll pay you well.... :D
  7. You said you couldn't do it Pete, when I asked for a transparent AdvDisplay, but you did it anyway clever you! And thank you so much for that. Ok this may sound like I'm never satisfied, but would it be possible to change the font size in it?
  8. Ok, thank you for a quick reply, and all your effort anyway Pete!
  9. Is it possible to get the background of the AdvDisplay transparent, so you only will see the text? Rune B.
  10. Thank you both Bob & Pete for correcting me in the throttle quadrant issue. My simple way of getting the reversethrusts working, actually worked but now they work even better! I've now spent the 2 last nights to read, again and again Bob's articles about the programming. And I've learned a lot! Even the Ch controlmanager is now a piece of cake to me. I've really never bothered to put myself into the controlmanager before except for the calibration of Fs Yoke & Pro Pedals, so the throttle quad gave me some new challenges. Have also visited the ChHangar to pick some hints here and there, and I understand that's the place to go with the Ch issues. Last night I managed to make a map that suits me perfect for flying in the Fs9 with the 3 Ch devices, and all the buttons and axes are programmed with Bob's advanced clipboard exe. Thank you Pete for the excellent Fsuipc module, and Bob for your files! Regards Rune Brauten
  11. The detent on the Ch quad levers does actually have a button function and has to be configured in the buttons page of fsuipc. I'm at work right now and I don't remember the the right phrase to configure with the action, but it's the same as you press F2 on the keyboard. Think it was throttle 1-2 decrease and then the action when you release the lever shold be throttle 1-2 cut. I just got the Ch quad yesterday and used 9 hours on trying to configure the device and I'm not finished yet. I guess you will get a lot of issues with the configuring of this device Pete, so I recommend you to try out the Ch quad device yourself. Cause your superb fsuipc module will be the only way to calibrate it right. Rune Brauten